[Kahvi Collective Audio Sculptors - fa8 V3] #289: Wolandroid / Bright light closed eyes - Kahvi Collective Electronic Vibes
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#289: Wolandroid / Bright light closed eyes
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Slightly more mainstream is the mood of the next release. A new artist in the shape of Wolandroid, who is, in fact, a friend of fellow Kahvi artist Weldroid. Not entirely sure what the similarity of the artist names signifies but they do say that impersonation is the sincerest form of flattery (or something like that).

I guess the closest you could get to Wolandroid in comparison would be U97 (back in the early 90s) in the dance and techno circuits. And yes! Vocals make a comeback @ KahviHQ but once again only in a special case. This can be seen as such a special case, with nice sounds throughout, 'suitable vocals' (unlike many a early 90s track I could mention) which actually give something to the tracks.

A nice release, short but sweet and well worthy of several listens, if not adding to your permanent playlist.

Tracks of mention: Finding rapture, the oddly named 'Night falls down (?)' and I've lost (which sounds amazingly similar to Alpha Conspiracy). Have fun!
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andreas wrote on 14/08/10, 12:45 pm
this is amazing!!
wolandroid wrote on 06/07/10, 8:08 am
First of all, don't worry. :) There are license details on the information page. (BY-NC-ND)

Anyway thanks for the comments (and listening) !
loginuu wrote on 04/07/10, 9:22 am
Is it released under any license? Just getting the music like this, makes it fall under various international copyright treaties, makes it all rights reserved by default. The most free license is the CC-Zero (public domain) and the most restrictive is Creative Commons Atrribution No Derivatives and No Commercial uses. (BY-NC-ND)
SnowLeopard217 wrote on 29/05/10, 8:47 am
Wow! Very nice!
The track "We are not Anatoliy Remix" is now on my (mental) list of top ten kahvi songs.
Rags wrote on 19/05/10, 9:15 am
This is a very-very nice release, the whole family loves it ;-)
(Mostly we play it when the sun shines and warms up our feet while we sit on the sofa drinking our morning dose of Kahvi)
delrio wrote on 17/05/10, 10:16 pm
It's a good thing these vocals found their way in as an exception, because this EP is absolutely wonderful. Already burning it to CD to take on the road with me later today. :)

Hope we see more of both Wolandroid and Weldroid in the future!

Oneliner! (255 max, alpha only)
09:30 26.11.20
Going wrote:
Fractured Kingdom by Wolandroid is fckin blast, thank you!
13:03 28.10.20
Aulis wrote:
You guys are legends! Thanks for staying!
06:35 21.09.20
John Novak wrote:
So the glad the site is back! Bandcamp is cool, but I hope it will never go away for good!
04:50 4.09.20
phylum_sinter wrote:
greets from Detroit! welcome back <3
17:32 29.08.20
drez wrote:
I think this is the last netlabel I still follow from the old netlabel days. Now bandcamp has revolutionized things but this old site still here :)
20:54 22.08.20
Thynix wrote:
Welcome back Kahvi! :) I owe much of my music taste to this site.
20:32 25.06.20
Frame wrote:
I'm glad to see kahvi back again
05:09 6.05.20
Bobe-On wrote:
I second the X-Mas tree concern. It's too cute, I love it. Nice to see it back for May. :D (The debugging work appreciated.)
18:00 5.05.20
Phred wrote:
Glad to see the site's back, bandcamp and twitter had no RSS feeds so I never learnt of new releases
18:12 4.05.20
freddymilton wrote:
so do i! X-mas tree still ok? not really...:-)))

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