Wolandroid : Gabor Mayer / Hungary
Number of releases : 1
Wolandroid, aka. Gabor Mayer has been producing electronic music since 1992. Once a hardcore tracker-musician and an active member of the demoscene, now armed with more sophisticated and contemporary tools, still with the same spirit. His creations are often focused around obsessive melodies, supported by soundscapes and his trademark couterpoint chord structures: a unique sound that is easily recognizeable independent of the genre.

Wolandroid believes that as a composer he shall not be limited by his or anyone else's performing skills, and therefore he is willing to use any combination of sounds in any rhythm or tempo, irrespective of whether a given piece is humanely playable or not. On the other hand he is keen on experimenting with human and computer-generated voice.

Lately, he is experimenting with vocal based tracks, working together with Lynny.
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