[Kahvi Collective Audio Sculptors - fa8 V3] #287: Various / Serenity - Kahvi Collective Electronic Vibes
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#287: Various / Serenity
M3U FMP3  Tracks : 18
As promised, the long awaited Various Artists release has now arrived. Consisting of 18 tracks (around 1hr 20 minutes playing time) of some of the best submissions received from previously unreleased artists, along with some familiar faces.

The release includes ambient, idm, experimental and easy listening works, with even a vocal thrown in (for good effect). Each track of the VA is supposed to work alongside the others to create a 'picture' of Serenity.

Tracks to listen out for: Julien Mier, Life in a Teacup - Kuniklo, Still, Millipede - Paramount to name just a few.

Artists featured in this release (in order of play): Audio Cephlon, Kuniklo, ShtiFt, Kontrakt, Torley, Dril, Soundcheck, Julien Mier,Berestez (!), Island near the clouds, Millipede, Yoga Kills, Tiny Disco (half of which is otherwise known as our very own Mr Fyrek), and Worms of the Earth. Cover artwork by Aleshenko Semyon.

Enjoy this mix of excellent works and don't forget to leave comments on your favourite tracks.
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flow wrote on 09/07/10, 7:27 pm
island near the clouds
Dewed wrote on 23/04/10, 9:30 pm
I especially liked 15 ... also 14
kid42day wrote on 21/04/10, 4:19 pm
The release is great but definitely the biggest discovery of this release for me was Soundcheck! :) The two tracks .ch.ch and More attention are great!
Rags wrote on 21/04/10, 3:07 pm
A quick sample from the EEG taken from an ant queen hidden deep within her fortress, at the time when someone has just poured a bottle of acid over her troops. It tickles.

Deckard and Rachael goes out for an evening walk to the seashore with a bottle of good wine. Finally they see some shooting stars.
Rags wrote on 21/04/10, 2:34 pm
For some random reason my car mp3 player started with this track today, and I suddenly felt myself completely outdated and boring. There are some other great tracks on this release, but this one is really outstanding for me.
nightmorph wrote on 11/04/10, 11:42 pm
As I wrote in my review on LiveJournal, this is the most consistently listenable compilation on Kahvi yet. I like the unified theme, which seems to be serenity, as seen in a machine world.

Favorites: everything by Kukiklo, Island Near the Clouds; their tracks end alll too soon. Same for "Sole Noid" by Torley: fantastic, but over too quickly. I need to find more stuff by Torley and Island Near the Clouds; these new artists really got my attention!

Other favorites: Soundcheck's second track, "More attention," was very evocative; it stirred my imagination the way Alexi Virta did on his album "Meets Torsti at the Space Lounge," which puts "More attention" right up there with the very best netaudio I've ever heard, period. It's too bad that his first contribution, ".ch.ch" was unlistenable. Still, he makes a worthy comeback with "More attention." I want more like this.

Tiny Disco: who's the mystery artist along with Mikael Fyrek? This track was quite good; the beat was almost four-to-the-floor, not the usual crunchy organic percussion Mikael is known for. Compelling yet unpredictable. Very beaty and meaty. More? More would be nice.

Well done, Kahvi. Thanks for this album; lots of good scifi soundscapes.

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You can use the music for non-commercial uses as long as you give correct credits for the music
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Myron Gaines wrote:
Would I be allowed to use Kahvi music as background music in a (free) video released on odysee.com?
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09:31 5.03.21
ruenoak wrote:
Great to see the site back up I've missed it

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