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#287: Various / Serenity
M3U FMP3  Tracks : 18
As promised, the long awaited Various Artists release has now arrived. Consisting of 18 tracks (around 1hr 20 minutes playing time) of some of the best submissions received from previously unreleased artists, along with some familiar faces.

The release includes ambient, idm, experimental and easy listening works, with even a vocal thrown in (for good effect). Each track of the VA is supposed to work alongside the others to create a 'picture' of Serenity.

Tracks to listen out for: Julien Mier, Life in a Teacup - Kuniklo, Still, Millipede - Paramount to name just a few.

Artists featured in this release (in order of play): Audio Cephlon, Kuniklo, ShtiFt, Kontrakt, Torley, Dril, Soundcheck, Julien Mier,Berestez (!), Island near the clouds, Millipede, Yoga Kills, Tiny Disco (half of which is otherwise known as our very own Mr Fyrek), and Worms of the Earth. Cover artwork by Aleshenko Semyon.

Enjoy this mix of excellent works and don't forget to leave comments on your favourite tracks.
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