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Number of tracks : 23

Kahvi's 10th Anniversary celebration continues with a new release exclusively for digital download fans. We've got some of your favourite artists and asked them to create a special anniversary track to put out on Beatport, iTunes and the other digital download sites for your listening pleasure. For most of the artists listed below, this is the first time they've ever been released on commercial sites, so why not support your favourite artists and download the album!

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Artist and track listing:

1. Acrilic Colors - Moon Kiss
2. Abyssal Plains - Biome
3. Coax - Robot Dreams
4. Brioskj - Oxygen
5. Nedavine - Being and Time
6. Atmogat - Termina Eve
7. General Fuzz - Go Inwards
8. Introspective - Winds of Neptune
9. Aaron Jasinski - Angel Face
10. Alessandro Pintus - ML Wagner
11. Audio Cephlon - Merge and Diverge
12. MigloJE - Day after
13. Mosaik - Yoghurt
14. Workbench - Ascent
15. Mikael Fyrek - Reduce to Silence
16. Blackberry - Deep Silence
17. Scann-tec - Dolbo Job
18. Kilowatts - Foothold Herald's Summit View
19. 4T Thieves - Beneath a Steel Sky
20. Bad loop - Sometimes
21. Lackluster - Shimmering Edges
22. Xurba - Summers Gold
23. Alexey V - Tune Part II

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Igloomag review of Robot Dreams

"...Drawing on everything from noise to glitch to psychedelia and beyond, Robot Dreams brings something for fans of most forms of experimental
electronic music whilst almost always maintaining at least a degree of mellow ambience somewhere within each of the tracks selected..."
* Essential listening
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