[Kahvi Collective Audio Sculptors - fa8 V3] #249: Craque / Material - Kahvi Collective Electronic Vibes
#249: Craque / Material
M3U FMP3  Tracks : 5
Guest artist craque arrives on Kahvi Collective with a unique blend of textures and IDM elements. Five track 'Material' verges on the style of 'MigloJE'. Torus Europa sets the scene with its lush, drawn out passages of sound and textures and leads into the interesting 'strawberry jam', an atonal melody drawing on a paced bass line which makes a nice combination and the extraordinary 'organum' (my personal favourite of this release) with 'that' sample hook that fits so well with the rest of the track. a great first release from craque, perhaps we`ll see more from him in the future?

uCDbOxvKRrJz wrote on 26/04/16, 5:53 am
I came, I read this article, I coderquen.
drez wrote on 22/09/08, 12:02 am
I first heard Craque from his release on StadtGruen. I LOVE this kind of stuff, much thanks!
mr brioskj wrote on 18/06/08, 10:14 am
if i had to imagine myself drinking a glass in a bar of the future,certainly the background music of that bar would be 'solitary gravity' :)
very interesting ep
thumbs up
Some guy wrote on 17/06/08, 12:51 am
conductive plate was a litte bland, but aside from that it was a thoroughly enjoyable release, personally I hope to see more from Craque later on. :)