[Kahvi Collective Audio Sculptors - fa8 V3] #250: Mikael Fyrek / A Thousand Years and One - Kahvi Collective Electronic Vibes
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#250: Mikael Fyrek / A Thousand Years and One
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After previously releasing on Kahvi, Mikael Fyrek could be called 'a regular' - this ep, his fourth, is a classic example of the defining style of Mr Fyrek, good solid beats, a touch of elektro and a touch of Vangelis. An icey theme and perhaps even slightly disturbed state of mind can be seen from the track names, conveying intense emotions through music. A thoroughly enjoyable, intense, atmospheric and involving ep running at around thirty minutes 'A thousand years and one' is a great addition to the collective. Recommended track: My lips are turning blue. Cover artwork by David
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Arrakis wrote on 23/10/14, 6:37 pm
Fantastic song ! Thanx for such talent ! Ur a living god !
Mikaela wrote on 17/05/11, 5:52 am
This release as absolutely stunning! I canít stop playing it!
Bobe-On wrote on 06/11/09, 10:35 pm
With this and quite a few tracks of his other works, Mikael assumes an enviable ;) position among my growing collection of Free/Libre-music favourites.
I have very little for-money music left on my system, and what's left is gradually being replaced.
I'm inclined to feel that, fundamentally, for-money/profit work will always be somehow spiritually and creatively behind, perhaps in parts because it seems to presuppose/instill a kind of greed, and because everything in life is fundamentally free/libre-- the sun, air, water, fruit on the trees.
Money, that does not completely equate nature, renders it meaningless, and you will never be able to successfully equate money with nature. That truth, manifest, will chaotically cascade into the filler/toxic/conspicuously-consumptive/spiritually-vacuous world we may be existing in today.

Re. the post below; I suggest that Boards of Canada (etc.) might have been better outside of that "Matrix" context.
Solus1 wrote on 12/11/08, 6:28 pm
A haunting, rhythmic sadness that is also strangely hopeful. Mikael Fyrek paints with emotions.
rolitto wrote on 02/07/08, 10:54 pm
Awesome release as previous ones - my most favourite artist of IDM.

Greetings from Lithuania!
brioskj wrote on 02/07/08, 7:57 am
I agree, fantastic as always.
Mr Fyrek doesnt stop amazing us with wonderful melodies, solid basslines and drums.
A certainty! :)
Rubicante wrote on 27/06/08, 3:24 pm
Amazing! I cant believe how much Fyrek's music has changed yet stayed the same...it just keeps getting better and this is his best to date. A perfect blend of beats, emotion and something deep within trying to get out. A desperate cry for help, a touch of something beautiful and an introspective and quiet moment into something between beauty and sadness.
farfar^lns wrote on 27/06/08, 8:14 am
Sounds as good as ever, you've really perfected something here .. the comparison to Vangelis isn't wrong I think - at times there's some boards of canada in there as well, but the classical feel is definitely you. Love the piano lead and the very demoscene-like bassline in the latter part of in 'between nothingness...'
nightmorph wrote on 26/06/08, 9:37 pm
Fantastic, as always. Otherworldly, inspiring, haunting, moving. Classic Fyrek.
Rags wrote on 24/06/08, 8:57 am
Wonderful stuff, great sound, lots of emotions.
PiNja wrote on 24/06/08, 1:18 am
INCREDIBLE music! pure Kahvi, superb IDM...another planet

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