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Experimentation has been a huge part of my musical upbringing. In college - where studies included voice, trumpet, composition, jazz guitar and theatre - I was exposed to John Zorn and the 'downtown' scene, which fueled my love for improvised music.

It wasn't until post-graduate days studying operatic performance (yes, singing opera) and the vocal music of John Cage that I began connecting with avant musicians in the Washington DC area. Soon the vocal trio Comma was born, performing original compositions with an emphasis on improvisation. It wasn't long before I was combining electronics with vocal work, and soon we were doing electro-acoustic ensemble performances alongside visionaries like Ty Braxton and Pauline Oliveros.

Then I heard how electronica producers were using computers to create sounds that I was already exploring through electro-acoustics. I have never been very interested in writing software to make sound, so I decided to combine the acoustic work I did with a studio production approach, being careful to remain true to my own idea of original sound and not sampling other artists.

While living in Chicago it was difficult not to become part of the dance music scene as well as the free improv circuit. Performances became a mixed media event, sampling found objects and instruments into an array of hardware samplers and loopers, weaving textures of abstract sound into recognizable rhythms and structures.
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