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#310: Aleksi Eeben / Various Secret Continents
M3U FMP3  Tracks : 9
Its been a while in coming but at last we have Aleksi Eebens latest album - a nine track release called 'Various Secret Continents'

Along with his previous released, Various Secret Continents comes with the warning that some of the tracks may not entirely be to everybodies tastes, but this is where the abstract nature of Aleksi's music is also its most appealing.

Personally I enjoy some of the more obscure tracks (such as the off keyness in 'The Snow Salamander 435 seconds instrumental) but including the almost addictive melodies and percussion. However, track of choice for this album is definately 'The Sun Salamander' which has a great IDM instrumental feel throughout, progressive with a great bassline and subtle percussion, and not forgetting the truly fantastic 'The Continental Salamander' which shows the mark of genius that Aleksi has been having since his early scene releases.

Enjoy this interesting, quirky and refreshing album and lets wait for Aleksi's next!
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