[Kahvi Collective Audio Sculptors - fa8 V3] #309: Weldroid / Mild Case EP - Kahvi Collective Electronic Vibes
#309: Weldroid / Mild Case EP
M3U FMP3  Tracks : 4
Weldroid makes a welcome return to Kahvi after a break of some time; A four track EP entitled 'Mild Case EP' in a high power 'epic industrial' kind of sound.

Mild case is made up of big beats, distorted drum tracks and an evolution of Weldroids previous release 'Attitude Indicator' with a more polished sound and a large variety of influences such as Orbital, Boards of Canada, Arovane and Autechre.

Tracks of choice: Black Glass (listen out for the parts that sound like Kahvi classic 'Berestez') and Iron Loss which is, well, epic.
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bulingit43 wrote on 08/08/11, 8:21 am
Sorry this music is not meant for me. I'll try listening to their other music though.
sum1 wrote on 02/07/11, 12:18 am
A fine EP, particularly Black Glass, which deserves more attention. A whopping 17 people have made the effort to click on a radio button. Well, you have one more from me. I guess this epitomises the 'entitlement age' we are in. Is it a surprise that many artists have thrown in the towel?
Trojan Kel wrote on 23/06/11, 1:22 pm
Black Glass was epic. I like that sound and effects. Good job man.
spoton wrote on 20/06/11, 1:03 am
Very nice... yet again! Thank you, Weldroid!

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13:16 5.04.24
a(seven) wrote:
long live kahvi!
13:15 5.04.24
a(seven) wrote:
long live kahvi!
06:46 4.03.24
ruenoak wrote:
Glad to see this site is still running and updated
07:54 22.12.23
Bobe-On wrote:
Happy Winter Solstice, Kahviheads. The days now get longer while the little tree and script snow somehow warm me up. <3
19:05 14.12.23
Daz26 wrote:
Christmas trees back!!!! ?
20:16 20.07.23
Bobe-On wrote:
Panta Rhei (4TT)- "Greek quotation attributed to Heracleitus: All things are in flux." Another thumb up on YT....
04:08 15.07.23
Bobe-On wrote:
A belated welcome back, micksam7... Well, summer's finally in full swing under a July sky... No cute little Christmas tree but that's ok. I can wait.
21:09 19.04.23
jimantha wrote:
Really cool music! I am loving "The Human Condition" from Crossroads
10:44 12.04.23
4T wrote:
micksam7 has returned!
15:24 7.04.23
micksam7 wrote:
Mirror links should be back online -- I know it's been a few years, hope you all are doing ok!

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