[Kahvi Collective Audio Sculptors - fa8 V3] #273: Polaski / Bendii Syndrome - Kahvi Collective Electronic Vibes
#273: Polaski / Bendii Syndrome
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After some successful releases of mix on Kahvi, Polaski has followed similar DJs in turning his attentions to the creation of his own original music. What follows is his first four track ep, heavily influenced by Boards of Canada (check Loss of Grandios) and Arovane.

A warm, fluid, easy listening collection of tracks, a sentimental edge with the classic off tone analogue sounds, subtle beats and addictive melodies. Polaski has studied the style of his favourite artists well, and this reflects in Bendii Syndrome.

After the harsh and distorted reality of Yards 'Swaggle Dub', Kahvi returns to a more mellow and chilled vibe. Enjoy this great premier from Polaski and lets wait for some more of his work in the future. Cover photograph by Robert Halvarsson
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Bobe-On wrote on 26/10/15, 6:18 am
...But, ya, I agree with you regarding F.Optim's Cyclemagic.
Bobe-On wrote on 18/02/10, 1:20 am
I liked the sequence in Loss of Grandios so much that I lengthened it in Audacity a couple of minutes more for what I call, 'Loss of Grandios; Meditation Mix'.

I also did something like that for the male vocals at the end of 'It's Real', by Scann-tec. On the other hand, I shortened or similarily modified some other tunes' beginnings.

Maybe Kahvi could have a 'Fans Remix and Upload' section, for a little extra dynamics to Kahvi.

Bendii's preferred over the newer stuff, from which The Rabbit Hole was kept. It doesn't seem very IDM, though, even though my Songbird is classifying it as such. ;)
aklor wrote on 09/10/09, 2:09 pm
A really excellent and beautiful EP. I agree with Weldroid and would like to listen to a sequel.
Snow Leopard wrote on 02/10/09, 5:40 pm
Beautiful ambient music, very soothing/relaxing and nice to listen to.
nightmorph wrote on 10/09/09, 7:38 pm
Beautiful and entrancing. A soothing, gentle sonic shower that trickles down your face and gathers at your fingertips. It's like relaxing in a slowly-swirling pool of lightwaves.

Inspiring. Breathtaking. Humbling.

"Bendii Syndrome," along with Reii's "Drafts" and Ambientium's "Fractal Philosophy" is easily the Kahvi Album of the Year. Polaski's shown that he ranks among the absolute finest masters of subtle, dreamy music. Ends all too soon, but hopefully Polaski will have a follow-up album.
Callahan wrote on 04/09/09, 8:07 pm
IT's good to see Kahvi turn to some more commercial sounding stuff and making it free too! ^_^. Definitely a pleasure and a job well done for such a first-timer.
weldroid wrote on 04/09/09, 2:29 pm
Very nice indeed. Hope to see a sequel soon!
workbench wrote on 04/09/09, 1:55 pm
Great start, Mr. Polaski.

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