[Kahvi Collective Audio Sculptors - fa8 V3] #256: Younnat / Radiovision - Kahvi Collective Electronic Vibes
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#256: Younnat / Radiovision
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Changing pace on Kahvi this time, a more chilled funky release from Ukrainian artist Younnat.

With elements of Roykskopp and even 70's disco, this six track ep is a refreshing change in the huge, warm, analogue bubblebath of other releases previously featured within the collective. Always something refreshing, always something just a little bit unique, Younnat brings his own particular style to a cross over between funk and technology. Not only this, but he also enjoys fiddling with technology in his live sets; using implements you wouldn't otherwise think of to create his audible masterpieces.

Check the links below for some videos of him in action with such a thing as an old dot matrix printer as backing! Track of choice in this ep: various but Last Broadcast stands out.

Videos well worth checking out also:

Wheel experience, Sockets Sampler, Dot Matrix Printer Etude, Desktop Keyboard

McSim wrote on 13/02/09, 7:29 am
Younnat reveals the original Ukrainian property - he creates big something out of huge nothing. Greetings from Kiev and scratching my hands to see you live tonight at 44!
Almucantarat wrote on 17/11/08, 12:18 pm
this one is great! it sets me in a good mood everitime i listen it
Umka wrote on 11/11/08, 9:45 pm
Yo*ve got a new fan of your stuff! Great! Keep going!
honest wrote on 23/10/08, 10:24 am
Simply genius!
fenwar wrote on 15/10/08, 11:11 am
Old Movies Not Terrible has completely and utterly buried itself in my brain. So addictive!
fenwar wrote on 08/10/08, 11:56 am
Great stuff. Thanks Younnat!!
appmok wrote on 07/10/08, 2:01 pm
so nice! such an itching novelty on kahvi. this one will definitely be played on loop for some time.
Svetla wrote on 06/10/08, 12:16 pm
Perfect music from perfect natural person
jay-es wrote on 05/10/08, 12:39 pm
This is one of the best releases ever on kahvi!
My favourite track is "ronin on air", but the other tracks are excellent as well!
rubicante wrote on 04/10/08, 4:41 pm
Very Good. Definitely a breath of fresh air
nuchoon.com wrote on 30/09/08, 6:35 pm
excellent production and feel !
Weldroid wrote on 30/09/08, 4:58 pm
Wonderful and fresh sounds, definetly a keeper in my car's cd-changer!
coax wrote on 30/09/08, 4:31 pm
Excellent Younnat!
Love your melodies and the musicality.
Excellent professional production as well :)

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Really cool music! I am loving "The Human Condition" from Crossroads
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micksam7 has returned!
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