Younnat : Oleg Serdyuk / Ukraine
Number of releases : 1
Younnat - is not a DJ, though he is alone on the stage, and not an orchestra, although he uses a great number of unusual instruments. Younnat – is Oleg Serdyuk’s solo electronic project of composer and keyboard player of the Lyuk band. Younnat managed to extract a sound from ordinary household outlets, bulbs, ofce matrix printer and even joystick, gamepad and speed wheel.

The sound of Younnat have eclectic and experimental coloration. Oleg began releasing material as Younnat in March 2007 with the single "The Duct" on Bump Foot Japanese netlabel. Later, "The Duct" was re-released on Planear Records (Argentine netlabel). Younnat just finished work on album "Ryba" and it was produced on COMP Music (Ukraine). Younnat live is somewhat different from his romantic and sometimes serene electronic album's tracks. In his performance he uses various interesting electronic devices like racing wheel or joystick, so his concert become the unique show.

Some controllers which Oleg uses in live performances:
- Genius Speed Wheel 3MT
- Logitech Joystick Attack 3
- Logitech Gamepad Dual Action
- Genius KB-06X
- Socket sampler
- Bulb kit

Examples of these can be found in the video section.
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