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#245: Tom Bragl / What tone am I?
M3U FMP3  Tracks : 3
Kahvi v3 is here, and what better way to celebrate this fact than to feature an 'epic' ep by guest artist Tom Bragl. Verging on the industrial and perhaps even slightly goa in places, What tone am I? is an addictive blend of electronic beans. enjoy this fine piece of work, and enjoy Kahvi v3! Recommended track: The other freedom
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Electric Druggie wrote on 21/04/10, 12:33 pm
=] +] =] +]


RUSSIAN wrote on 15/01/09, 4:31 pm
very GOOOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
brioskj wrote on 03/08/08, 8:03 pm
big thumbs up
I agree with coax, great beats and awesome production on it indeed : there's a very nice balance of the arpeggios and the pads.
My fav track is 'voiceless'.
My rating 5/5
valer_q wrote on 01/07/08, 11:25 am
very interesting!
kenny beltrey wrote on 17/05/08, 12:29 pm
fantastic soundscapes touching one's soul. majestic drum programming, too. this gives me goose bumps.
coax wrote on 16/05/08, 8:55 am
great beats on soundtrack, good melodies on "the other freedom."
voiceless is my favorite i think, it sounds very movie like.. very dramatic and nice.
awesome production on it too, good work.