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#244: Crackle Creations / Eros
M3U FMP3  Tracks : 6
The last release before Kahvi v3 goes live, and this time we have (yet another) guest artist. In a similar style to the much popular 'Zilent Zpott' or 'Cardamar', Eros is fringing on the commercial side of the electronic music Kahvi releases. Easy listening, easy to get into, nice to work to, Crackle Creations have produced a very nice 6 track ep for your listening pleasure. Track of choice : 'Water Mist'. Enjoy!
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Bobe-On wrote on 29/08/09, 3:00 pm
It ain't no Fieldtriqp. ;)
jefco wrote on 27/08/08, 6:49 am
Like this very much thank you.
aruseni wrote on 17/08/08, 3:06 pm
Heh, thanks for the chords. I'll try.
Crackle Creations wrote on 15/06/08, 6:29 am
2 all
Thanks a lot, for a positive feedback! :)

2 aruseni
lol -- F G Am -- :D
Dewed wrote on 05/06/08, 10:19 pm
Excellent Stuff here. Really enjoyed this a lot.

Thanks Guys
aruseni wrote on 31/05/08, 7:53 am
Amazing. What about a guitar tab to the "water mist"? :D
tbmarcom wrote on 25/05/08, 7:21 pm
Very Very Great Release.
it touched my soul deeply.
keep on with such great stuff.

thank you for such great music

Rubicante wrote on 10/05/08, 9:23 am
quite good. Some of it reminds me of workbench though?
Nightmorph wrote on 09/05/08, 5:37 am
This is some good stuff! As mentioned in the announcement, it is vaguely reminiscent of Zilent Zpott, but I also notice that it also faintly resembles the musical progressions of Delerium or Enigma.

At times cinematic, laidback, and stirring, all at once. The first and last tracks don't quite fit in with the middle, but the album as a whole is thoroughly enjoyable. Bravo!