Latest releases
12.07/2015#357: Mercury by Faex Optim   (8 tracks)[IDM]
14.06/2015#356: Moments by Planet Boelex   (6 tracks)[Electronic]
25.05/2015#355: Phantom Forest by Trev Wignall   (5 tracks)[Electronic]
25.04/2015#354: Swansong EP by Lackluster   (7 tracks)[Electronic]
21.03/2015#353: Schoolyard Crows by Curious Inversions   (9 tracks)[Electronic]
20.02/2015#352: Goldfish by Sebastien Marchal   (10 tracks)[Electronic]
22.12/2014#351: Threads by Various   (40 tracks)[Electronic]
06.12/2014#350: Commodore by Faex Optim   (4 tracks)[Electronic]

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Release #311 : NC Thompson / Dead trees and black holes
A new guest artist (familar perhaps to some of you from previous netlabel releases) known as 'NC Thompson'. A purely ambient four track ep, concentrat.....(more) - [Listen now : M3U] [Kahvi Spotlight]

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22.12/2014Kahvi now has a Bandcamp page!
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Oneliner! (255 max, alpha only)
09:04 5.08.15
kivi wrote:
first time here, thanks for that platform!
20:05 21.07.15
Suecae wrote:
Moments! Lovely to hear! :) :) :)
05:11 18.07.15
Bobe-On wrote:
Faex Optim: Please see Matthew Day Jackson's Lumpenproletariat (Alive)
22:15 16.07.15
Bobe-On wrote:
Song-of-the-month is July Sky, by Eneftze. Enjoy! ^u^
11:04 18.06.15
4T wrote:
Had problems with hackers trying to break the voting - and they succeeded. So currently voting isn't working...
09:52 17.06.15
nick wrote:
The voting system doesn't seem to be working on the new releases. Says I've already voted - I haven't.
03:30 13.06.15
jchambers wrote:
So happy to hear Planet Boelex again - just beautiful!
20:10 9.06.15
Reid D. wrote:
Nice music. (:
04:51 1.05.15
Lackluster wrote:
Thanks Kumar-the-Indian. Back and also gone back again.
22:25 25.04.15
Kumar-the-Indian wrote:
Lackluster is back. Kiitos!