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28.03/2014#345: Haarp by Lunarblues   (5 tracks)[Electronic]
28.02/2014#344: Cure Light Wounds by Weldroid   (9 tracks)[Electronic]
24.01/2014#343: I did my homeworks no.1 by Antistase + Music Aut0matik   (13 tracks)[Electronic]
22.12/2013#342: Dissonance by Various   (33 tracks)[Electronic]
18.12/2013#341: Fixme by Reii   (5 tracks)[Electronic]
16.12/2013#340: The Expanse by 4T Thieves   (12 tracks)[Electronic]
27.11/2013#339: Life by Ambientium   (5 tracks)[Electronic]
25.10/2013#338: Orange Mood by Tetarise   (6 tracks)[Electronic]

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Release #162 : Url / Berdz Trak EP
Seems to me that 2005 is the year for strange names and berdz trak certainly lives up to that statement. Anyway, names aside, this four track ep by ur.....(more) - [Listen now : M3U] [Kahvi Spotlight]

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01.01/2014Welcome 2014
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06:30 16.02.14
4T wrote:
RSS and Podcast are now fixed
23:51 14.02.14
microchip wrote:
Can you please check the RSS feed? I'm getting an XML error in Chrome
18:06 8.01.14
phredi j. wrote:
hayypy new year manolo, Kahvi et al! :DD
14:57 2.01.14
manolo wrote:
happy new year Kahvi et al.
23:38 29.12.13
Nick wrote:
what a pleasure!
17:10 29.12.13
ReiiFan wrote:
Man, what a fortuitous visit to Kahvi after many days! Thanks Reii and 4T, can't wait to give 'Fixme' a listen!!
11:20 27.12.13
4T wrote:
Happy New Year all Kahvi listeners!
00:48 25.12.13
ghack wrote:
Listening to Dissonance right now. So far a very nice listen. Thank you.
17:12 15.12.13
Snitsnuk wrote:
I've only just recently started listening to Kahvi, and I must say I love it! Great job!
23:42 6.12.13
Armoor wrote:
Music from Kahvi has been geeting me through many late night study sessions. Thank you!