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20.02/2015#352: Goldfish by Sebastien Marchal   (10 tracks)[Electronic]
22.12/2014#351: Threads by Various   (40 tracks)[Electronic]
06.12/2014#350: Commodore by Faex Optim   (4 tracks)[Electronic]
25.11/2014#349: Tep Sava Galvos by Weedie   (6 tracks)[Electronic]
25.10/2014#348: HeadDown Jam by Tetarise   (5 tracks)[Electronic]
02.09/2014#347: Audio Cephlon by Audio Cephlon   (4 tracks)[Electronic]
19.06/2014#346: Fey by Opaeq   (6 tracks)[Electronic]
28.03/2014#345: Haarp by Lunarblues   (5 tracks)[Electronic]

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Release #302 : Island near the clouds / New memories
Back in the Secret Games VA compilation we were introducted to the artist 'Island near the clouds'. As a follow up to his previous tracks in .....(more) - [Listen now : M3U] [Kahvi Spotlight]

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01.01/2015Welcome 2015
22.12/2014Kahvi now has a Bandcamp page!
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Oneliner! (255 max, alpha only)
00:12 21.02.15
djaq wrote:
OMG love Marchal, Synesthesia was so awesome, can't wait to listen to Goldfish!!
15:47 13.02.15
4T wrote:
Thanks Bobe-On ;)
03:43 7.02.15
Bobe-On wrote:
4T's thoughtful soulful dreamy flowing complexity of Thread's Moon Forest....
10:44 31.01.15
dazld wrote:
threads <3
07:49 21.01.15
Club17 wrote:
Just come back from years ago and still alive! Thank you Kahvi :)
11:39 19.01.15
Esem wrote:
07:03 24.12.14
4T wrote:
If Craque reads this. I'm unable to send any emails to your email address, as its blocked me and bounces back. Thats why you didn't hear from me!
01:13 24.12.14
phylum sinter wrote:
<3 threads - thanks for this compilation, worth the FLAC :D
07:59 23.12.14
Daz Phasey wrote:
Thank you for another excellent xmas release. ;-)
19:02 22.12.14
manolo wrote:
thanks so much kAvHi for this early present, this is relieving.. the commissioning of this neutrino detector was exhausting! with best++