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Latest releases
18.02/2021#448: Cortical by Abdicant   (4 tracks)[IDM]
28.01/2021#447: The Comfort of Stars by Daniel Blomqvist   (7 tracks)[Ambient]
25.12/2020#446: Saciar by Various   (31 tracks)[Electronic]
15.12/2020#445: Synphonica by Various   (7 tracks)[Orchestral]
12.12/2020#444: Take a funky ride by Various   (7 tracks)[Funk]
25.11/2020#443: Fractured Kingdom by Wolandroid   (8 tracks)[Electronic]
10.11/2020#442: Nautilus by Nautilus   (8 tracks)[IDM]
21.10/2020#441: The Spiritual Kitchen of Pop by 4T Thieves   (6 tracks)[IDM]

Worth a listen:    
Release #346 : Opaeq / Fey
Its been a while since the last release, and this release is something a bit special. Opaeq featured as a guess artist in the previous release on Kahv.....(more) - [Listen now : M3U] [Kahvi Spotlight]

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27.04/2020Kahvi website finally returns!
22.12/2014Join Kahvi on Bandcamp
18.11/2012Join Kahvi on Mixcloud!
20.10/2012Support your favourite netlabel by buying a DVD collection!

Oneliner! (255 max, alpha only)
02:17 9.02.21
4T wrote:
No, there is no direct way to contact artists.
07:17 8.02.21
Bobe-On wrote:
Hey KahviCollective, is there a way to contact the artist directly, such as by email, and such as to send them a song-edit for fun?
07:11 8.02.21
Bobe-On wrote:
Using Audacity, I kind of trance-ified Wolandroid's Blind Touch. Very nice! ^u^
09:25 9.01.21
Cuc wrote:
Glad you're back! (Again.)
03:44 26.12.20
4T wrote:
Mirror links no longer work, only ogg/mp3 links
13:52 25.12.20
Bruce wrote:
Sorry, the links are not working! Please fix it. Thx!
07:48 25.12.20
Bruce wrote:
Sorry, the links are not working! Please fix it. Thx!
09:30 26.11.20
Going wrote:
Fractured Kingdom by Wolandroid is fckin blast, thank you!
13:03 28.10.20
Aulis wrote:
You guys are legends! Thanks for staying!
06:35 21.09.20
John Novak wrote:
So the glad the site is back! Bandcamp is cool, but I hope it will never go away for good!