Spotlight on release #266: Aleksi Eeben / Space Age Cherokee   M3U FMP3  I want to see another!  
    At last, another release is due! and what better to take us out of the chillout zone than a release from Kahvi (almost) regular Aleksi Eeben.

this time around, six tracks of crossover from techno-electronica to acid-jazz-laced chill. Two tracks stand out for me, the epic 'The Grand opposition' which has elements of nearly every musical genre out there to the truly sublime 'Executions of Crunch Hill' - the funk melody is one of those killer melodies that ends up embedded in your head for days.

Once again, Aleksi is living up to his Kahvi labeled 'genius' moniker. Enjoy these fabulous-odd-smooth-cabbage tracks and keep em peeled, another release hits the scene shortly!