Spotlight on release #287: Various / Serenity *  M3U FMP3  I want to see another!  
    As promised, the long awaited Various Artists release has now arrived. Consisting of 18 tracks (around 1hr 20 minutes playing time) of some of the best submissions received from previously unreleased artists, along with some familiar faces.

The release includes ambient, idm, experimental and easy listening works, with even a vocal thrown in (for good effect). Each track of the VA is supposed to work alongside the others to create a 'picture' of Serenity.

Tracks to listen out for: Julien Mier, Life in a Teacup - Kuniklo, Still, Millipede - Paramount to name just a few.

Artists featured in this release (in order of play): Audio Cephlon, Kuniklo, ShtiFt, Kontrakt, Torley, Dril, Soundcheck, Julien Mier,Berestez (!), Island near the clouds, Millipede, Yoga Kills, Tiny Disco (half of which is otherwise known as our very own Mr Fyrek), and Worms of the Earth. Cover artwork by Aleshenko Semyon.

Enjoy this mix of excellent works and don't forget to leave comments on your favourite tracks.

Kahvi Oneliner!
23:32 2.04.19
Bobe-On: Understood 4T, although I wonder how rigid Kahvi and/or its artists would be in the event of the possibilities of such a compilation. Besides, Boards of Canada seems pretty 'derived' hereon, yes?
03:34 1.04.19
4T: It's worth noting that our licensing means you can't make derivatives of Kahvi releases - at least they can't be published anywhere.
00:09 28.03.19
Bobe-On: Yes and no, Po', and everything in-between, depending on what we mean. There may be versions that improve some songs from some listeners and even give the artists some food for though.
14:56 15.03.19
Polaski: You can't "improve" a kahvi song. Perhaps your own interpretation, but not improve.
01:21 19.02.19
Bobe-On: Sometimes I try to improve a Kahvi song simply by editing it using Audacity... How about a Kahvi fan-edit Compilation?
14:29 22.01.19
Bohnson: Just remembered this! That Kahvi is still around, and still looks like it did over a decade ago, and is still active, makes me sooo happy!
11:36 27.12.18
Acrilic: a smooth Acrilic intromission in a SyncTwoFour track on the Tube. Enjoy!
21:33 2.12.18
manolo: kahvi snow is back ... and soon xmas release!! the best season ;)
23:30 6.11.18
Nal234: thanks for the great music! :)
17:11 13.09.18
4T: Synth list for One Synth VA is on our bandcamp page
16:46 11.09.18
ph4g3_th3r4py: Is there a list of the synths used for One Synth release? The songs are all excellent BTW.
14:04 22.05.18
Polaski: New mix out on mixcloud. Enjoy!!
14:21 22.12.17
DazPhasey: Thanks for this years xmas release. looking forward to this. :-)
23:48 18.12.17
Bobe-On: Notice the tree too, you guys! It's so cute and amusing in its smallness and placement, yes?
10:15 4.12.17
manu: yes the snow.. and usb stick already with the slippers bellow the christmas tree for the coming Xmas release ;)