Spotlight on release #313: Reii / Hiss me + The Places EP *  M3U FMP3  I want to see another!  
    Its been a while in coming but finally here is the new ep from 'Reii'. In fact, it is two eps in one, with Hiss Me making up one part and The Places EP making up the other part.

There is 23 minutes of blissful Reii works - the usual detailed ambient passages and melodic interludes, the excellent production that has created Reii a loyal following from his preview Kahvi releases.

Check out 'Hello Machines' for some retro Future Sound of London style, but favourite tracks for this listener would be Sanctuary (epic pads!) and When you fall asleep part 1 and 2. Enjoy this ambient masterpiece from Reii and see you in the next release!