Spotlight on release #343: Antistase + Music Aut0matik / I did my homeworks no.1   M3U FMP3  I want to see another!  
    A guest artist for the first release of 2014, Antistase & Music Aut0matik. A selection of their works from over the past years in the shape of this 13 track album. Ranging from dub to ambient to IDM, I did my homeworks no.1 sends you all over the audio spectrum and back again.

Some of the earlier tracks sound like early 90s techno and ambient mixed in with an ambient slant, whereas the more modern tracks sound amazingly like Mosaik. Particularly Paradox (a favourite of mine) rings so much of Mosaik, it could almost be made by the master himself.

Track dates can be found on the ID3 tags in the mp3 files.

Favourite tracks, definitely Paradox and We are (ephemeris)

Kahvi Oneliner!
09:22 25.12.15
Nick: Thanks again for another great annual VA release. Festive well wishes.
13:57 10.12.15
4T: You don't upload stuff. You submit tracks and then A&R sees if they are suitable to release. All releases are handpicked.
08:46 10.12.15
Simon: How do you upload stuff here?
07:55 10.12.15
Bobe-On: @adam_smith: Google Permaea. If an alternative is not arrived at on our own volition, this dystopia will undemocratically (as usual) create one for us.
22:37 17.11.15
Anonymous3: Hope you all enjoy my first release through the Kahvi Collective. Peace!
20:53 17.11.15
adagio: Interstellar civilization doesn't capitalism nor communism
16:06 7.11.15
adam_smith: @Bobe-On 'Crony capitalism doesn't work', and the alternative is? Communism?
17:55 6.11.15
DH000: @Bobe-On Completely true.
06:14 26.10.15
Bobe-On: Hey Polaski, not in a gift economy. Crony capitalism doesn't work and is trashing the planet! Want to pay for music? Go the for-money-profit trash route then.
07:08 23.10.15
DH000: Better than pop. Every time.
05:49 21.10.15
Reii_Fan: Hi 4T, any more stuff from Reii coming anytime soon?
16:54 19.10.15
Polaski: Faex Optim has landed an amazing album Mercury. The track Cyclemagic is simply amazing. Why is this free? Music this good needs to be paid for.
08:17 18.10.15
Bobe-On: New Song Suggestion for 4T Thieves: Fukushima Underwater
14:35 1.10.15
Nick: Thanks for sorting out the voting, 4T
12:39 1.10.15
4T: Yes, voting works again so don't forget to vote for the releases!