[Kahvi Collective Audio Sculptors - fa8 V3] #473: John Louis Kluck / Astro Voyages - Kahvi Collective Electronic Vibes
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#473: John Louis Kluck / Astro Voyages
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John Louis Kluck returns to the collective with a chilled out journey to the stars, just right for the summer months.

Embark on a cosmic odyssey through the vast expanse of the universe with an awe-inspiring ambient music album that draws inspiration from the wonders of space. Transporting you to distant galaxies and celestial realms, this ethereal collection of compositions captures the mysterious allure and boundless beauty of the cosmos.

Each track unfolds like a celestial ballet, resonating with the gentle whispers of distant stars and the ethereal harmonies of interstellar phenomena. The album's atmospheric soundscapes evoke a sense of wonder, inviting you to contemplate the vastness of the universe and your place within it.
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20:16 20.07.23
Bobe-On wrote:
Panta Rhei (4TT)- "Greek quotation attributed to Heracleitus: All things are in flux." Another thumb up on YT....
04:08 15.07.23
Bobe-On wrote:
A belated welcome back, micksam7... Well, summer's finally in full swing under a July sky... No cute little Christmas tree but that's ok. I can wait.
21:09 19.04.23
jimantha wrote:
Really cool music! I am loving "The Human Condition" from Crossroads
10:44 12.04.23
4T wrote:
micksam7 has returned!
15:24 7.04.23
micksam7 wrote:
Mirror links should be back online -- I know it's been a few years, hope you all are doing ok!
20:12 13.02.23
ZiP wrote:
I love Kahvi & all the artists. That is all.
05:16 31.12.22
Bobe-On wrote:
Thanks for the clarifications, 4T.
02:36 28.12.22
4T wrote:
Rephazer is a different artist to Polaski
08:29 26.12.22
4T wrote:
No. Finland.
22:10 25.12.22
Bobe-On wrote:
"4T wrote: We have snow in Finland still in May" ~ 4T ...Didn't you take over Kahvi but were based in the UK?

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