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#329: Id Submerged / Alone
M3U FMP3  Tracks : 9
The first release of 2013 and its a guest artist. id Submerged, based in Norway, creates ambient soundscapes, with a hint of IDM such as you'll hear in this ep entitled 'Alone'.

Perhaps inspiration comes from the cold long nights in Norway at this time of year. Or perhaps it reflects his studio time.

Tracks range from the epic 'Opportunities' which has echoes of early Radix nuances, to the strangely named 'noitalerroC' which sounds heavily influenced by Solar Fields and the like.

A nicely chilled out release to bring in the New Year. Listen and drift away!
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ambientium wrote on 08/07/13, 4:09 pm
My gosh... This is so good that I have to comment again :) Great compositions and great sound. Thanks!! This album is a masterpiece! Loving it.
ambientium wrote on 08/07/13, 3:50 pm
This is very nice release!
Armoor wrote on 04/06/13, 2:52 am
Downloaded this a while back and forgot about it. Now I am listening to this thinking,..Wow! Love the tracks Retention, Tidsklemma, and Alone. Very nice work.