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#277: Acrilic Colors / Yves Klein Blue
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A while back a podcast only release was featured by Acrilic Colors. Yves Klein Blue was the result of a brainstorming session, and was only intended for release as a single long mix. I liked the podcast so much, I asked Acrilic Colors to produce an ep full release, and here we have the result.

Some of the tracks are shorter than usual but also two completely new tracks have been added to give you half an hour of excellence that we're used to as heard in his previous releases.

Some background information about the new tracks written by Acrilic:

Saturn Orange and White Chalk - 'My personal tribute to the minimalist ambient pianist Harold Budd, as background soundtrack of a poem I wrote decades ago, centred around an orange sunset while a distant airplane leaves a thin bright-white trail in the blue sky'

Icarus' Feathers - 'Taking Icarus as an emblem of mans dream of flying. Is Icarus dreaming or is it real? After a short semi-ethnic intro (daydream), Icarus starts to fly over green lands, breathing the clean air and feeling the freedom he longed for, weightless through white fluffy clouds. But after some minutes the wax begins to melt and he starts to plunge in whirls. Just a white feather on the shore, swept away by calm waters, remains of that "dream".

Cover artwork by 4T and Robert Halvarsson.

Watch out the Christmas lineup which will be approaching on December 14th!
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alkor wrote on 06/12/09, 12:50 pm
Very good work, I must say. Some say, the best tunes are always those, which we don't like the first time we listen to them, but then they go around in your head and don't want to go out. Only then we can see their genius. Your tunes are exactly of this kind.
CoSTa wrote on 02/12/09, 12:02 pm
Excellent work. Simply amazing. Love this album and thank AC for such a good thing.
dale wrote on 01/12/09, 4:27 am
First impressions, I've only played this one through once. Exceedingly well done, very high quality both in the performance and the composition. There are some vocals, which is unusual in most recordings available at kahvi. I particularly liked the title song, "Yves Klein Blue', because of the vocals. They fit the mood of the song, or perhaps set the mood of the song, and coupled nicely with the strong piano score.

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02:17 9.02.21
4T wrote:
No, there is no direct way to contact artists.
07:17 8.02.21
Bobe-On wrote:
Hey KahviCollective, is there a way to contact the artist directly, such as by email, and such as to send them a song-edit for fun?
07:11 8.02.21
Bobe-On wrote:
Using Audacity, I kind of trance-ified Wolandroid's Blind Touch. Very nice! ^u^
09:25 9.01.21
Cuc wrote:
Glad you're back! (Again.)
03:44 26.12.20
4T wrote:
Mirror links no longer work, only ogg/mp3 links
13:52 25.12.20
Bruce wrote:
Sorry, the links are not working! Please fix it. Thx!
07:48 25.12.20
Bruce wrote:
Sorry, the links are not working! Please fix it. Thx!
09:30 26.11.20
Going wrote:
Fractured Kingdom by Wolandroid is fckin blast, thank you!
13:03 28.10.20
Aulis wrote:
You guys are legends! Thanks for staying!
06:35 21.09.20
John Novak wrote:
So the glad the site is back! Bandcamp is cool, but I hope it will never go away for good!

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