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#266: Aleksi Eeben / Space Age Cherokee
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At last, another release is due! and what better to take us out of the chillout zone than a release from Kahvi (almost) regular Aleksi Eeben.

this time around, six tracks of crossover from techno-electronica to acid-jazz-laced chill. Two tracks stand out for me, the epic 'The Grand opposition' which has elements of nearly every musical genre out there to the truly sublime 'Executions of Crunch Hill' - the funk melody is one of those killer melodies that ends up embedded in your head for days.

Once again, Aleksi is living up to his Kahvi labeled 'genius' moniker. Enjoy these fabulous-odd-smooth-cabbage tracks and keep em peeled, another release hits the scene shortly!
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Eeben\'s ş fan wrote on 19/09/14, 6:00 am
"Executions of Crunch Hill"....We wish you a Merry Christmas, We wish you a Merry Christmas, We wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New...wait a second...
bolrigami wrote on 27/06/10, 7:56 am
this is excellent!
Ashton Kutcher wrote on 06/04/09, 7:47 pm
You just got Punk'd
saft wrote on 01/04/09, 8:16 am
I can understand why mr. Eeben is not a favourite for some, but for me it's just insane enough to be one of my favourite composers of all time (dating back to his demoscene material from the early 90's).

The album starts off with 'March of the feathers' which is a tad bit boring, until you get a nice surprise near the end. Next up is a wonderful folkmusic inspired track called 'Battle of essential possesions' which remind me a lot of the Swedish progg movement band Kebnekaise. The third track, called 'The grand opposition', is a fusion inspired little gem that sounds a bit like some of Henderson's/Tribal Tech's works. 'Executions of crunch hill' is a mishmash of different styles with that particular Eeben touch, I don't know how to describe this track - better listen to it yourselves. My absolute favourite track on this album is 'April's theme' which is a slow sad wailing jazz'ish ballad. The chord pads here remind me of slow waves quietly splashing over a cold beach somewhere in April - a very beautiful track indeed. The album ends with 'The chief' which I can only describe as DnB meets Bach meets Aleeksi Eeben. The lead in this track makes it my second favourite.

All in all an album that will spend a long time in my playlist in the months/years to come.
micksam7 wrote on 27/03/09, 7:26 am
Mmmh, I'm not a big fan of Aleksi Eeben's stuff.

Unfiltered sounds, and a very childish or toyish theme. While some parts are nice [my favorite: 'the grand opposition'], some of this sounds like it's right out of a Kirby game.

I can see how others like it, it having a unique and very interesting take compared to most other kahvi sounds, but it makes me long for older tracks from the collective instead of enjoying it by itself.
rubicante wrote on 24/03/09, 2:56 am
Mr Aleksi returns with yet another intriguing EP to grace the Kahvi Label. While many electronic music fans might wonder what is going on in this release, I think they might be missing the point of what is happening in the music. It start's out simply enough with reminiscent hints of childlike tunes melting into a pot of beats and playful sounds that seem to be something more akin to a video game track than an actual EP. It wasnt until the third track however that I suddenly became aware of the ep taking a more mature and chilled stance. Every now and then that playful feel of chaos/music would suddenly dip up and down, then suddenly I realized that this EP is not something meant to be taken into the context of most other genres, but something more a development of a style almost forgotten in the sands of musical time. I am of course talking about the .XM and.MOD days of making music that had a distinct and original feel that developed out of the 'any and everything goes' days of the internet. I found this EP to be a great development by a Legend in the scene and I suspect will be a cult classic.

Favourites: March of the feathers, Executions of Crunch Hill, The Chief
4T wrote on 21/03/09, 7:08 am
Mr Introspective: Personally, I think its actually got a lot going for it - a couple of the tracks take a while to get into, but those mentioned in my writeup grab you.
Reklusive wrote on 21/03/09, 4:27 am
This has been on Aleksi Eeben's site for a while now, well its good that Kahvi is giving it some more publicity.
JRice wrote on 20/03/09, 6:18 pm
I think perhaps you should have waited until 4/1 to release this.

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