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#238: Evan Valentine and E-sin / Millions Never Tried
M3U FMP3  Tracks : 7
A two for one guest release this time around, with Evan Valentine (kikapu) and e-sin (lifeform project) giving us a pure idm vibe. melodic, glitchy and quirky with a hint of reggae (seren) thrown in for good measure. tracks range from the disjointed everyone is out to get me to the purely sublime 'a good hard look' with its sampled guitar riffs throughout. a fitting inclusion to the collective. worthy mention: track 1: hopes for a quick and dreamy.
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Igi Italian DJ wrote on 08/08/08, 1:07 pm
Simply COOL. Fantastic vibe, good work!
Rubicante wrote on 20/04/08, 8:07 pm
It seems kahvi has been debuting a lot creative new artists lately, and Evan Valentine is no exception. For all the IDM fans out there, you are sure to love this ep and rest assured it never gets dull or stays the same. Every song is different and whatever your taste you are sure to find one that sticks with you. From the acoustic "A Good Hard Look" to the dark atmosphere of "Proof of Insurance" (My favorite on the ep) I think everyone will find something to love in this new artist.
Generalfuzz wrote on 20/04/08, 8:06 pm
I really enjoyed the first track. It had good melodic interplay with the bass, and the rhythms made me feel pleasantly off kilter.