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#234: Bit24 / Stardust EP
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Its the first week of January so what better time for the first release of 2008. The releases this year will feature the usual quality and indulgence that you're used to, and what better way to start than with this 5 track ep by Canadian guest artist, Bit24. The ep has it all going for it - breakbeat, idm, electronic vibes and coolness, a hint of c64ism and elektro spice. An interesting and exciting introduction to 2008! Enjoy!

Tinytec (Polignostix) wrote on 20/12/09, 1:06 am
I really love the track Quantum :) It's deep and cuddly at the same time and has a lot of oldschool game music vibes in it.
Nightmorph wrote on 01/05/08, 4:01 pm
Interesting. Different. My initial reaction, based on the first two tracks, was "what crap is this?"

. . . but I made myself listen further. And things started getting better with tracks 3 and 4. They are definitely spacey. Conceptually, it reminded me of the textures, feelings, and atmosphere Aleksi Virta conveyed in the album "..Meets Torsti at the Space Lounge". However, Aleksi succeeds with a phenomenal, cinematic, cosmic album the whole way through, shimmering through every track.

bit24's EP, unfortunately, just has a glimmer or two; only "Stardust" and "The Space in Between" are worth repeated listening. The rest of the album is far too uneven. Helter-skelter. Hectic. Wildly varying. Discordant and somewhat unpleasant. The album as a whole is definitely quite a shakeup if you can strap down for the ride, but it's not one you'll exit feeling like your space trip was worth the travel time. My advice: pick and choose your tracks; 3 and 4 are the highlights. They seem out of place in the rest of the chaotic noise.
Rubicante wrote on 01/05/08, 4:00 pm
Great stuff. I hope to see you debut again. :)

Aurora - Things start out slow then speed up, some little blips here and then remind you of a space ship mixed with some tracker music; definately new age retro. Some crunchy beats kick in along with some interesting and well placed sounds, and then when things just begin to wind down it picks back up and brings in some chopped vocals. This is music from the stars.

Quantum - Old school techno! Starts out with some house-ish beats and some lo-fi sounds. The melody sounds completely and delightfuly off key but its intentional and it sounds great!

Stardust - One of my more favorite tracks on the ep. We start out hearing some sampled vocals then some jittery blips and then finally smooth out into some dreamy pads, thats when things really kick up. The vocals start to come in again but this time its more attuned to the beat and gets stretched and chopped accordingly in almost a psychedelic fashion.(ultimae anyone?) The track slowly fades in preparation to the next track.

The space in between - Here the pads come back again and we start to hear a fat bassline. The vocals are back again but not nearly as much as stardust. When the pads start to fade, we get some clean sounding and delightful synths. When the pads start to return we get some more gates and those wonderful basslines then slowly fade away.

Parasympathetic - Very beat driven track, the pads arent as prevalent or as dreamy as the other tracks, but it sounds great just the same. Touches of old sci-fi sounds permeate the atmosphere and some more torn up breaks dance in and out to some lo-fi melody's. Interesting track and a great way to end a great ep.
Coax wrote on 01/05/08, 4:00 pm
Most excellent mate!

5/5 I hope we get more from you!

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