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#210: Abyssal Plains / Hemispherical Sky
M3U FMP3  Tracks : 4
After the popular premier of abyssal plains on kahvi a while back, he's back once again with a four track ep. hemispherical sky is a slightly different departure from his previous idm/ambient smoothy - this time round concentrating more on the chill and easy listening while-you-work vibe. excellence as we were expecting, long and drawn out tracks that allow you ample time to get seriously into. a seriously nice piece of work. I would like to dedicate this release to the memory of my dad who sadly passed away recently. A jazz man through and through, I think he would have surely approved of the mood of hemispherical sky.
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Sky Hi wrote on 20/04/08, 8:18 pm
Beautiful mind tripping compination of ambient, chill, and drum'n bass sounds! Hope to see some more, maybe an LP, soon...
Natalia wrote on 20/04/08, 8:18 pm
Your music is the perfect way to make your mind work and relax.