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#200: Aaron Jasinski / Serpentine Soiree
M3U FMP3  Tracks : 11
Finally, Kahvi release #200 is here, with noneother than Mr Jasinski in the driving seat. There were numerous possibilities for the #200 slot but Serpentine Soiree has it all - the tracks are superbly produced, the album has 'fun' as its theme throughout, and I thought it would make an ideal Christmas release also. Its been a great year for releases from Kahvi and this nicely puts the icing on the cake. Merry Christmas to all Kahvi listeners and see you in the New Year with even more top quality releases! Dont forget to visit to find more information about this fantastic artist and see more of his artworks.
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MigloJE wrote on 01/05/08, 5:06 pm
Well, downloaded the album and started to play, ah something interesting started to apear some noizy melodie but i started to enjoy, then some funky synth apears i started realy enjoy the music, and sudenly i found my self almoust dancing in the chair. :)) NICE love it, perfect release for christmas mood. So many happy emotions also retro synths souds very good, it gives some mysterie into tracks..
Looking forward to her it at home loud....