[Kahvi Collective Audio Sculptors - fa8 V3] #195: Muhr / Nulla Lullabies - Kahvi Collective Electronic Vibes
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#195: Muhr / Nulla Lullabies
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Muhr, as featured on numerous other labels in the ethosphere, arrives on Kahvi at last. Otherwise known as Kahvi veteran Vizion, has produced an entirely different style and persona to go with the alternative artist name Muhr - subtle, minimal, ambient, emotional. All the ingredients for the usual Introspective release but with a Canadian twist of ice. Some lovely work in this release, so do the man a favour and leave some feedback!

Caboco wrote on 01/05/08, 5:09 pm
My favorite music is the stuff I have found on Kahvi. I must say that the music you have produced is wonderful. It is great keep up the good work. 8) :wink:
Rubicante wrote on 01/05/08, 5:08 pm
Mataya wrote on 01/05/08, 5:08 pm
Oh yes, this is really beautiful..feels like an orchestral group playing some ambient in some places
I really like it and I want to say thank you for those "pieces of you" :)

Be good, all of you...

fl3xibl3 wrote on 01/05/08, 5:08 pm
i like this kinda stuff! :D

vinced great work!

Oneliner! (255 max, alpha only)
21:09 19.04.23
jimantha wrote:
Really cool music! I am loving "The Human Condition" from Crossroads
10:44 12.04.23
4T wrote:
micksam7 has returned!
15:24 7.04.23
micksam7 wrote:
Mirror links should be back online -- I know it's been a few years, hope you all are doing ok!
20:12 13.02.23
ZiP wrote:
I love Kahvi & all the artists. That is all.
05:16 31.12.22
Bobe-On wrote:
Thanks for the clarifications, 4T.
02:36 28.12.22
4T wrote:
Rephazer is a different artist to Polaski
08:29 26.12.22
4T wrote:
No. Finland.
22:10 25.12.22
Bobe-On wrote:
"4T wrote: We have snow in Finland still in May" ~ 4T ...Didn't you take over Kahvi but were based in the UK?
22:07 25.12.22
Bobe-On wrote:
Hey Polaski, so you didn't rebrand yourself to Rephazer?
21:59 25.12.22
Bobe-On wrote:
I just popped in for a few seconds to see the snowflakes and the insanely-cute little Chrismas tree. Don't change, Kahvi, you're just perfect the way you are.

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