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#163: MigloJE / Linear Emotions
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Our resident Lithuanian artist, migloJE, returns with some more enchanting and subtle sounds. similar to his previous ep released a few months ago on kahvi, linear emotions builds on more of the ambient side of things with amazing textures and a production quality on a par with 'the professionals'. Once again his chatter semi-glitch ideology makes an appearance, but for a ride with a difference give linear emotions a few listens, each time you'll find something refreshing and new.
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green den /grd/ wrote on 08/07/08, 4:17 am
You GENIUS man. Thank you wey mach, real thanks....
This is real music.....
MigloJE wrote on 01/05/08, 3:45 pm
thank you very much, i am glad that still to this moment my music is a pillow for some one, although i havent yet released a new release for a long time..

thank you alot, again...
Planet B wrote on 01/05/08, 3:45 pm
I'm glad someone had dug out this older release from the huge Kahvi back catalog. It's also one of my favourite releases, definately still deserve lots of listening (some of it have truly timeless qualities)..
Echo wrote on 01/05/08, 3:45 pm
After having listened through all of the kahvi tracks available until today I had to realize that migloJE is something really special among all others. This is high quality (experimental-electronical) ambient.

I am listening this album second time through when writing this.

First two tracks show light to some deep areas following, starting with the third track. I close my eyes and fall into this music... Third track (gighaa) was so beautiful! Fourth (h2oAP) sounds grey, fifth (thifth) reminds me Autechre somewhat, also sixth (nashtee).

But now. The 7th one here called ammbisso flat is something special... I feel like ants run around on my skin everywhere, from back to hands. This is amazingly beautiful track!!! I remember when I listened to it first time I had to stop everything else and listen more carefully, because something really strange happened - this man's voice (as migloJE told me turned out to be his own) grabbed me to fly away to some old church, it put me down standing and kept flowing around me, gently touching me... Saying things I've always wanted to hear... Dream with open eyes.

It doesn't happen everyday that you discover someone who looks a bit similar with me, is nearly as old as me, is born very close to the same day I was and in the end - creates something that describes his and mine feelings and thoughts. Thank you migloJE!

Ammbisso flat was my next favourite track after the very first listening.
Nickchen wrote on 01/05/08, 3:45 pm
To be honest, Miglo's first release did not impress me that much - too much fuss. So my attitude was quite sceptical when getting in contact with this one.

I was sitting & writing something "important" and let the stuff play...


I stopped my writing tasks right away, kinda hypnotized by the sounds flooding through my head. Somehow managed to press the stop button in order to open the "kahvi, sighted" playlist with the elder Miglo release. Yes, definetely same artist as in the "Miglo JE EP".

Can't be.

There must have been some brainwashing meanwhile, and not in the negative sense. Really a quantum leape IMHO. The music has become some sort of spiritual Avo P? touch that impresses me deeply. Listen to "Ammbisso Flat" and you'll figure out what I mean. I really worship this!

To make it short, "Linear Emotions" is one of the best releases by kahvi this year. Comes almost close to Esems "Scateren". Together with the latter constant inhabitant on my Portabel MP3- as complete release!!
Syex wrote on 01/05/08, 3:44 pm
This is good!
Ljudcommando wrote on 01/05/08, 3:44 pm
This release is my new favourite. migloJE really get that special mystical and beautiful atmosphere that appeals me in all the tracks of this release.
I've only listened to it 2 times so far but i know this is a release that will keep "grow" for some time.

I really liked the previous release by migloJE so i was kinda sure that i'd like this one too, and i didn't get disappointed either so... thumbs up migloJE!
Madstyle wrote on 01/05/08, 3:44 pm
My favorite is track 05 - thifth.
I like this atmosphere combined with this amazing beat structure. You should add a sub base every 4 beats, or you put this randomise in the beat. I absolutely miss this.

This track has something from posthuman (the uncertainty of the monkey) and brothomstates!!!
Rubicante wrote on 01/05/08, 3:44 pm
After careful listening I have this to say about the release...

Miglo is definatley developing his own style for sure and this is a prime example when you compare it too his previous release "memoria". When listening, the first thing I noticed was the careful placing of the vocals and synths and the amount of work that really went into this release. All the tracks stayed consistent in mood and style and as mentioned above, A slight change would have been nice. However I have alot of respect for this release due to the amount of sheer imagination and style that just pour from this ep. Glitch'y sounds and and atmospheres painting a possible future or envisioning a possible dream of tomorrow...Linear Emotions.


Favorite tracks: gigaa, ammbisso flat, acee, melloyya.
MigloJE wrote on 01/05/08, 3:43 pm
well i said that this will be a differend style release. but dont worry i have already planed more beat and melody based release..

quad341 "7 is another very ambiant track and one that definitely is relaxing as it begins... The flowing pads really are what did it for me on this track...."

those pads are my voice!
Quad341 wrote on 01/05/08, 3:43 pm
Hm, I guess I'm a bit different from micksam for opinions. I actually wasn't really impressed by the opening track. It was the second that started to get me really interested and the third that absolutely stole the show for me. As it progresses into an airy and melodic bit of randomness later just took me with it.

Moving into the fourth was nice. It's very different than the third; it's much darker and moodier but still very, very cool.

Then i got suprised by number 5. I was not expecting that for a beginning and thought maybe winamp had just started smoking crack or something. After a few seconds, the mood was formed and the song became of a good interest to me.

Number 6 was more like 4 and very plesant. It wasn't so unique by any means so not so great, but not bad. It was pretty much what i would expect considering his older stuff. Again, not bad but not unique enough to be great.

7 is another very ambiant track and one that definitely is relaxing as it begins. The same beat as below eventually comes in, nicely mixed as it builds. The flowing pads really are what did it for me on this track. I would have prefered to have just left the beat out and have a bit more variety here. When the final part started, I had a bit more interest, but it wasn't anything so special to stop me in my tracks

The ending fits with the rest of the release, but does have some more unique feelings again. The beat falling in and out creates a different feel that I find to be a great way to end a pretty nice release. The minor voice is really nice for the mood. It progresses and ends quite well.

Overall, a pretty good ep that could have been better with a bit more variety.
Micksam wrote on 01/05/08, 3:43 pm
First Track: WOW. That was a really nice start. :) The voices that came in mid-way scared my brother. Hehe.
Second Track: Pretty cool, a bit toned down from the first track, so it's a general "OK".
Third Track: Awsome. I love random tracks that make sence. [Whatever that's offically called] :D More voices too.
Forth Track: Pretty awsome again... Hm..
Fifth Track: The beginning rather caught me by surprise, then it when right back into the mood of the previous 3 tracks.
Sixth Track: A bit of a beat eventually picks up in this track. A nice change.
Seventh Track: Back into the mood of the release, the mood is kinda getting dull to me now, should have a bit more mixing up I would think. Well, one more track to go.
8th Track: Ending is kinda nice, but still the same mood of the release.

Generally I guess I was expecting something else for this release. ;) It is morning where I am anyway, probally was expecting something to wake me up. Allwell, overall very nice depending on what your current mood is. Heh.

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