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#154: Saul Stokes / Floor to Flood
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Kahvi is extremely happy to once again welcome guest artists saul stokes. a single track - floor to flood - which is similar in style to mantarey yet equally listenable and enjoyable. the sounds from sauls own made synths make a comeback, tricky textures are created through rasping and sweeping pads. subtle percussion deftly supplementing the track with just the right expression. visit to buy his work as digital downloads or his cds. well worth a listen!
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bulingit43 wrote on 08/08/11, 8:15 am
This may not be a new release from the band but this is new to me. I find this interesting to listen to and I hope to be listening more to it.
Cameronperone wrote on 01/05/08, 9:44 pm
Floor to Flood is hot! Kahvi has come out with some very good tracks recently... great to listen when out and about in Tel Aviv!