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12:55 09.21.054T wrote:
 Yep, there was.... until I fixed them. Thats Aaron's naming for you ;)
12:45 09.21.05ProtyX wrote:
 is it just me or are there multiple broken links in the latest release?
13:26 09.12.05Candy Mind wrote:
 apanese dance machine Penny and his faithful ashtray is visiting the land of Candy Mind. Great isn't it? www.candymind.com
13:10 09.06.05ProtyX wrote:
 whoa! that alpha conspiracy - defend yourself and wish never are really unusually addicting!
11:16 09.03.054T wrote:
 No it doesn't.
10:11 09.03.05SinQ wrote:
 er the new release is great but the last song 157c alexey v / one world ep links to a MINT song...
04:29 09.03.05colladeX wrote:
 Hermosa e Inspirada La Musica!!! En General Se Ve Que Han Puesto Mucho Coraz?n En Ella; La Pagina Esta La Raja!!! Viva Chile Mierda!!!
07:34 08.23.05micksam7 wrote:
 Sort 'n mix it. http://kahvimirror.neodecoder.net/ Mirrors the collective with sorting abilities. See the "CompleteCollective" zip file if you wish to download it all at once. Shorter url soon.
20:25 08.22.05tbmarcom 303 wrote:
 I LOVE YOU ALL ! thanks for such great music. thanks for makin this world a bit colored with ya effort in this website..... thx & kisses ...peace out www.acidtracks.de
13:20 08.14.05Theo wrote:
 Hi Folks! :-) (a bit of spam...) I'm about to launch a new web site, similar in concept to kahvi but different in music. The idea is to gather and distribute music for the djs (think dancefloor tunes). I am currently looking for more artists. If you're interested and want to know more, please contact me!!! bye... ps: kahvi rocks!
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14:21 22.12.17
DazPhasey: Thanks for this years xmas release. looking forward to this. :-)
23:48 18.12.17
Bobe-On: Notice the tree too, you guys! It's so cute and amusing in its smallness and placement, yes?
10:15 4.12.17
manu: yes the snow.. and usb stick already with the slippers bellow the christmas tree for the coming Xmas release ;)
22:04 23.11.17
freddymilton: yeah! snow's back! Happy thanksgiving!
14:13 23.11.17
Dj Polaski: I'm feeling another mix here :). For us Americans, happy Thanksgiving
04:08 1.10.17
4T: There is no block to download any releases from any country
14:53 30.09.17
MaRsun: Just used German VPN to download releases... Not for Russia, why?
13:10 29.09.17
setthemfree: re: m3u links. I relied on them with https://gitlab.com/yurb/getmusic
12:20 26.08.17
4T: Latest mix from Polaski is on our Mixcloud page
21:20 24.08.17
freddymilton: oh yes indeed!!!!!:-)
16:26 24.08.17
Dj Polaski: Kahvi needs some new polaski mixes :)
13:34 10.08.17
4T: m3u links aren't supported as nobody was using them. They'll be replaced with something more up to date when the site gets updated. Better to use Mixcloud to listen to the release before downloading.
10:04 2.08.17
setThemFree: The m3u links don't work for recent releases...
16:16 15.06.17
MaRsun: Nice Music
21:26 18.05.17
freddymilton: migloje is somehow a bit frightening, but still hq!