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20:10 10.15.05richard wrote:
 what is an ogg file? and since I have no idea, how to I use it/access it?
19:35 10.12.05mike2 wrote:
 there's a typo in the hyperlink to saul stokes web site on Release 87 - it has a space after .com - (saulstokes.com%20/) maybe other people's browsers haven't had a problem but mine did. either way Kahvi is awesome :)
21:57 10.09.05Barker wrote:
 Here's a BitTorrent tracker for the Kahvi collection: http://kahvi.quad341.com/
11:10 10.06.05Candy Mind wrote:
 Psilodump is guesting Candy Mind with his new release, check it out on www.candymind.com
00:34 10.04.05cotumo wrote:
 Hi 4T! You're still doing great work here. Hope you have a great time :-D cheers, cotumo
22:49 10.03.05super wrote:
 person: A torrent of the entire kahvi collection would be truly great to have. The ftp.scene.org is awfully slow.
16:02 09.29.05person wrote:
 Hmm.. has anyone thought of making a torrent of the entire kahvi collection .. id love to be able to download the entire thing at once :)
12:55 09.21.054T wrote:
 Yep, there was.... until I fixed them. Thats Aaron's naming for you ;)
12:45 09.21.05ProtyX wrote:
 is it just me or are there multiple broken links in the latest release?
13:26 09.12.05Candy Mind wrote:
 apanese dance machine Penny and his faithful ashtray is visiting the land of Candy Mind. Great isn't it? www.candymind.com
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22:04 23.11.17
freddymilton: yeah! snow's back! Happy thanksgiving!
14:13 23.11.17
Dj Polaski: I'm feeling another mix here :). For us Americans, happy Thanksgiving
04:08 1.10.17
4T: There is no block to download any releases from any country
14:53 30.09.17
MaRsun: Just used German VPN to download releases... Not for Russia, why?
13:10 29.09.17
setthemfree: re: m3u links. I relied on them with https://gitlab.com/yurb/getmusic
12:20 26.08.17
4T: Latest mix from Polaski is on our Mixcloud page
21:20 24.08.17
freddymilton: oh yes indeed!!!!!:-)
16:26 24.08.17
Dj Polaski: Kahvi needs some new polaski mixes :)
13:34 10.08.17
4T: m3u links aren't supported as nobody was using them. They'll be replaced with something more up to date when the site gets updated. Better to use Mixcloud to listen to the release before downloading.
10:04 2.08.17
setThemFree: The m3u links don't work for recent releases...
16:16 15.06.17
MaRsun: Nice Music
21:26 18.05.17
freddymilton: migloje is somehow a bit frightening, but still hq!
19:23 28.03.17
Bobe-On: Brilliant intro by NNYz?. See also my comment below EP section. Ah, the snowflakes are back... ^u^
07:11 18.03.17
4T: There's a link in the information section
07:31 17.03.17
JaK: how can I make a donation to the collective?