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07:21 16.11.11SPIROS KOUFOS wrote:
04:19 3.11.11aber wrote:
 Everything bibio typed is true and then some. The VA is also amazing. I love Kahvi.
00:32 2.11.11Bibio wrote:
 Synesthesia. I feel every beat & emotion which sends tingles up and down my spine. The most beautiful experience that music has ever given me. Thankyou.
23:49 1.11.11Bibio wrote:
 Synesthesia has now been embeded into my body & soul. Thankyou Sebastien & 4T.
04:31 27.10.114T wrote:
 Links for Terraform are fixed
18:11 26.10.11Anna Lord wrote:
 Oh bad URL lol
12:32 26.10.11pgeek wrote:
 Just remove \'mp3\' and add \'zip\', then the links work.
07:24 26.10.114T wrote:
 You should use the mirror links if the main links don\'t work
03:11 26.10.11Anna Lord wrote:
 links to Terraform ogg don\'t work :(
00:27 26.10.11Bibio wrote:
 Absolutely stunning. Thank you Mr Marchal for turning the light on, in my heart. When all around me is dark, your music is a beacon of hope.
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06:30 16.02.14
4T: RSS and Podcast are now fixed
23:51 14.02.14
microchip: Can you please check the RSS feed? I\'m getting an XML error in Chrome
18:06 8.01.14
phredi j.: hayypy new year manolo, Kahvi et al! :DD
14:57 2.01.14
manolo: happy new year Kahvi et al.
23:38 29.12.13
Nick: what a pleasure!
17:10 29.12.13
ReiiFan: Man, what a fortuitous visit to Kahvi after many days! Thanks Reii and 4T, can\'t wait to give \'Fixme\' a listen!!
11:20 27.12.13
4T: Happy New Year all Kahvi listeners!
00:48 25.12.13
ghack: Listening to Dissonance right now. So far a very nice listen. Thank you.
17:12 15.12.13
Snitsnuk: I\'ve only just recently started listening to Kahvi, and I must say I love it! Great job!
23:42 6.12.13
Armoor: Music from Kahvi has been geeting me through many late night study sessions. Thank you!
22:33 5.12.13
Bobe-On: Oh! It looks like the snowflakes are back! ^u^
12:33 1.12.13
freddymilton: snow i\'ve been waiting for! Great! Love that gimmick!
08:58 1.12.13
4T: New Polaski mix on Mixcloud now. Click the link below.
19:41 30.11.13
FR1908: Licghtshinings to Kahvi and Artists!
18:38 30.11.13
freddymilton: Great! looking forward to..:-)