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10:57 17.02.12FR1908 wrote:
 I really like the Terraform release. Favorite track: Alkor - Revelry.
19:29 7.02.12Daz26 wrote:
 Can\'t wait for next release!!!!!!!
09:44 26.01.12KeyySee wrote:
 wonderful music! keep up your good work
21:14 22.01.12Dewed wrote:
 Love the Global Express Osc release!
20:14 18.01.12CosMind wrote:
 the funk that ye brings makes my creative works bring the funk!
16:56 8.01.12audiox wrote:
 happy new year! ive just made it through a relisten of ALL releases in reverse order. Great music!
11:04 3.01.12Global Express Osc. wrote:
 Happy new year to everybody ! thanx for the feedback :)
21:35 31.12.11manolo wrote:
 happy new kahvi year to everybody!!
16:29 29.12.11Nick wrote:
 @4T Thieves, \"A moment of clarity\" your best IMHO, Keep up the good work, cheers
20:12 28.12.11Rubicante wrote:
 Wonderful Christmas releases. Global Express is particularly excellent!
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Oneliner! (255 max, alpha only)
18:50 26.11.14
Neil F: hooray the snows back
00:50 18.11.14
Bobe-On: Tetarise-- nice mood
23:13 9.11.14
background: These sounds create wonderful feelings. Artists releasing their work, thank you so much!
11:50 25.10.14
4T: The ogg files are supposed to be smaller but match the sound quality
11:40 25.10.14
k_sze: In general, are the ogg files supposed to match the mp3 files in sound quality?
08:33 5.10.14
ruenoak: Love listening to Kahvi
10:05 26.09.14
nick: Does anyone else spend 7+ hours a day listening to the Kahvi back catalogue?
03:20 11.09.14
scoobs: a lot of these oneliners take up more than one line :(
03:46 4.09.14
freddymilton: hooray, audio cephlon\'s back on track! Nice material!
12:54 29.08.14
Crackle Creations :: Crackle Creations :
13:13 16.08.14
Marty: Love the latest release. Thank you for sharing this great music with us. Long live Kahvi!
21:12 4.07.14
Cynos: Nice music!
21:21 1.07.14
Bobe-On: Song-Of-The-Month for July is July Sky, by Eneftze. Enjoy!
19:20 19.06.14
opaeq: @freddy - Yup, I\'m still alive (I think ;)). Hope you enjoy the new tracks.
14:54 19.06.14
freddymilton: Joel, You\'re right! Glad to see Opaeq still alive! Great stuff so far..:-)