4T's small tribute page to Bruno / Anarchy who sadly passed away in March 2008

Bruno was a scene legend in the Amiga scene days, creating inspirational and ground breaking tracks using samples from, well, anywhere he could find! I`ve included a link to uralvolgafine which is one of my own personal favorites and also a link to a selection of some of his tracks (in ogg format) in a zip archive. Give them a listen and imagine how he created these tracks using only 4 channels of audio!

Bruno (or Jussi) was a nice guy - generous, friendly and great fun to hang around.

I spent several enjoyable weekends visiting Jussi and his family in Finland way back in 1992/93 and what follows are a few pictures I took at the time of the man himself, and the Amiga he composed his famous works on.

Jussi with his girlfriend at the time (sorry, her name is lost in the mists of time). He obviously had a keen interest in artwork then and even showed me some of his creations which were pretty impressive.

Jussi outside his home in Summer 1992.
I seem to remember that we could walk for miles and still be in his back garden!

The machine that his legendary tracks were created on! Disorganisation = genius. Not entirely sure why he took the case off - I vaguely remember that he said it was due to overheating or for fun.

On the train to visit Assembly 93. Jussi obviously was meditating before meeting his fans. Funnily enough, some drunk old guy turned up and gave us all daisies to put in our hair. We went along with it, being in a drunken stupour at the time. I forget the other guys name (if you see this, send it in!). Assembly 93 was a bit of a wash out - we were banned from entering due to having excessive amounts of alcohol in our possession, and the security said they would drink it themselves if they took it - so, we sat outside, surrounded by lots of nice girls, talking about music and generally enjoying ourselves..

An example of the daisies we all got given (being modeled by unnamed scener)

Jussi was an inspiration to an entire generation of multimedia producers who still, now, produce professional works after learning their trade on the Amiga. This page will remain as a tribute to him.