Xurba : Will / UK
Number of releases : 1
Ending up back in Cambridge again with nowhere to live, Will returned to live in Whaley Bridge with his parents. By this stage it was 1994, Will met up with some local bikers who put him in touch with a local musician from the spacerock band, Spacehead. Will auditioned for the band and was invited to join, and three years of musical mayhem ensued! The band recorded the cassette 'Anasazi' during this time, and then released a CD 'Of Stars and Time' through the Dundee based record label, Dead Earnest.

It was an interesting time, and experience of life in a rock band was a rather double-edged sword; this was mainly due to the alternative lifestyle the band promoted. In 1998, Will left the band to continue with more further education, a degree course at Brunel University in West London offered this opportunity. The course was in it's first year, and had no facilities to speak of for most of the first year. However, one of the tutors, Sheila Mcquattie was excellent, and lectured with great enthusiasm and humour making the experience quite rich. Will realised here that music theory, which he had mainly avoided, was not impossible to learn.

During this time, Will started going to see the band Cardiacs, whom he'd been a fan of for many years. Due to a mutual friend of Will and Bob Leith (Cardiacs drummer), Will was approached to join Bob Leith's band 'Catherine in a Cupboard'.

A recording of Bob's song 'Mother's theme' was made (sadly it no longer exists), and possibilites of an album were mooted. Will left the degree course, hoping to put all his energies into the Catherine project, but circumstances prevented the album coming to fruition. Still, meeting the Cardiacs was a great experience; they're all friendly and very musical people who are totally original and fully committed to their art.

Around 1999, Will decided to invest in a modest studio set-up, and proceeded to experiment with compositions which fell into three distinct catagories: Triangle of Dogs, which was guitar, vocals, bass, drums and keyboards. Illuminance, an orchestral module based project, also encompassing guitar, bass and vocals, organ and piano. Finally, the third project was Xurba, an electronica / IDM style affair which gradually took over from the other projects.

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