Xerxes : Klaus Lunde / Norway
Number of releases : 3
Xerxes (Klaus Lunde) was born and raised on the south coast of Norway.

He began composing in 1988 on his Amiga500. In 1990 he joined the .no based group Triumph and went on to make music for a few of their productions.

In 1996, Xerxes and Scirocco formed Night55 which later included Rage, Elwood, Mick Rippon and Glitch. Xerxes also did som releases for Level-D before joining Hellven and Fairlight in 2000.

All in all he has released about 80 tunes in either .mod .xm or .it format, and about 20 releases as .mp3. Currently he is working on an album that should be concluded sometime early 2004.

His musical inspirations comes from the likes of Vanglis, Jean-Michel Jarre and Mike Oldfield. When not doing music, Xerxes works as an account manager in a large norwegian based ISP.
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