Voyager : Justin Scott Dixon / USA
Number of releases : 1
Justin Scott Dixon's accomplishments in the recording studio incubated in the early days of American Electronic Dance music.

By the age of 14, Justin quickly developed his skills as a performing DJ and was already expanding his knowledge of music. While editing music on tape machines Justin greatly awaited the digital age of music production and became completely immersed in the digital realm upon its arrival. He then started up a record label in Orlando and launched his career as not only a music producer and DJ, but also as a Digital Audio Engineer.

His dedication and drive are what helped manifest modern music we know today as Electronica. With 20 years of experience Dj'ing, engineering and producing music in the studio, Justin has released original and remix productions under the name Voyager.

His music has been supported by independent and major labels such as Sasha's own "Excession", John Digweed's "Bedrock", Paul Oakenfolds "Perfecto", Sony, Network, Global Underground, Extreme Music, to name a few. Justin's artistic collaborations also include the production of music libraries for tv and film, as well as participating with artist across america via the internet.

Justin is continuing to nurture his career as a Post Audio Editor / Audio Software Specialist for many production houses around the world.
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