Torley : Torley / USA
Number of releases : 1
Friendly greetings! Torley is the exquisite trespasser of worlds. Being a classical concert pianist just wasn't enough for him, so getting into computer music helped him develop a watermelon-flavored personality that would uniquely prove his own. Dreams become reality, and it's Torley's prerogative to "amplify the awesome" in his listeners. When he was a young boy, he'd make-believe virtual worlds on an Amiga.

Years later, he ended up working on Second Life, carrying the cyberpunk torch towards Caprican shores. Many musicians take on peripheral specialties like sound design. For Torley, this involved racking up over five million YouTube views, with some of his most popular videos teaching how to liberate your feral creativity.

Within Ambitizers (Ambient + Appetizers), his Kahvi debut, Torley was inspired by getting a good night's sleep with his wife. (Incidentally, he often slept to Kahvi's Robot Dreams.)

A branch of his Dream Journal project, each bite-sized piece has a special personality. Maintenance drones, distorted/glitch piano, and the murmur of domestic chores are signature sonic designs. Bon appétit!
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