Thomas Jerome Newton : Thomas Jerome Newton / UK
Number of releases : 1
Music was the main driving force for most of my life, until I managed to get some stuff published and suddenly lost interest!

In 2000 I had three tracks on a U.S. compilation called 'Diskatopia's Intimate Gathering' and had BBC Radio1 airplay on three separate occasions. Then, for some strange reason, as soon as I heard my stuff on the radio I thought, "Oh, is that it then?", flogged all the studio gear I'd built up over the years and never wrote another tune, until now!

I have just started tinkering with music again, though even with the convenience of new technology I am still a right little madam when it comes to getting things just so, and with my other (art) projects and a full-time job, I hardly get any time for proper audio rompings.
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