Solar Fields : Magnus Birgersson / Sweden
Number of releases : 1
Swedish based electronic music composer and graphic designer who as been involved in many projects since a teenager, playing drums, percussions, piano, keyboards, for various bands before launching his own project Solar Fields in 2001 with the album "Reflective Frequencies". Magnus always built a unique sound universe, poles apart from current trends in the genre, he explores the wide possibilities of ambient, atmospheric, deep, extatic, industrial yet organic, cultivating contrasts and subtelty with brio.

As a "high tech" sound designer (sampling, sequencing, morphing, programming,...) and multi-instrumentalist (sitar, veena, guitars,,,,) Magnus collaborated with several art galleries and museums, his latest sound installation at Trabekel (Sandviken, spring 2004) met with great success. In synchronisation to the work of pictural artist Antonio Sognasoldi, he presented four pieces which could be played simultaneously and evolve depending on the position of the visitor in the gallery.

In November 2005 Ultimae released [ Leaving Home ] and [ Extended ], the later being a limited edition. These two albums received excellent reviews from the media, opening new horizons for Magnus Birgersson and his true visionary work.

Solar Fields composed a stunning in-game score for Mirror's Edge, Electronic Arts (EA) and DICE new first-person action adventure game launched worldwide on 14th November 2008. Already praised to be "Poetry in motion" and one of the most exciting and innovative games, Mirror's Edge also promises to be a sonic treat for all PLAYSTATION®3 and Xbox360 addicts. PC version available from January 2009.

Read Magnus' interview and view the trailors over at Music4Games.

His sixth opus [ Movements ] is in the final conception process and is announced for an end of the year release.

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