Sektor : Plamen Marinov / Bulgaria
Number of releases : 5
"Plamen Minchev Marinov was born on October, 10th in Rousse, Bulgaria. He grew up in a conservative family. When he was four years old his father gave him an electronic piano as a present, which contributed to his future interest in music. He became fond of the electronic sound at his very early years, but he had to study something different. After graduating school he went to the New Bulgarian University in the classes of the famous Bulgarian electro-acoustic musician Simo Lazarov.

He produces IDM, Electronica, Experimental since 2001 under the name Sektor. Formerly he used to play music as a DJ, but eventually he got interested in sequencing and leaves behind the turntables. He develops his skills together with his friends, participates in forums and discussions, and makes his brutal experiments at home. He organizes some local events and live performances. The constant change of the place where he makes his music reflects in different ways in his productions. In May, 2004 he released his first EP for the German net-audio label Tonatom. A month later, after a prolonged tour in his country he makes his second net-audio release for Uran 97. Singles for Camomille music, Tonatom's "different light" contribution and the Austrian Crispetunes Community follow in January. There are two releases for, the first in December, 2004, and the second one on May,two weeks before his contract with the American EDMdigital and exclusive for Kahvi Records."
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