Saul Stokes : Saul Stokes / USA
Number of releases : 4
Saul Stokes was born in Seattle Washington. After adolescent training on both the violin and trumpet, Stokes discovered the tonal possibilities of the synthesizer and started creating electronic music as a teenager in the mid 1980's. His fascination with the palette of sounds available via synthesizer led him to learn the basics of analog synthesizer construction.

While attaining a degree in Industrial Design, Stokes used his knowledge of synth DIY to build highly eccentric music devices, and began to restructure his musical ideas focusing on music created purely from home-made synthesizers and sampling technology. In 1997, he signed with Hypnos Recordings and has released three solo albums, Washed in Mercury, Zo Pilots and Outfolding, all of which have been praised for their originality and musicianship.

In 2001, the album Abstraction was released on Minneapolis' GreenHouseMusic label. Abstraction fuses the best of 3 years of concert recordings with Stokes' latest multitrack atmospheric work. In 2002, Stokes teamed up with Vir Unis to release Thermal Transfer. "Released on the new Hypnos sub-label, Binary, the electronically hyperactive Thermal Transfer from Chicago based Vir Unis and Berkeley based Stokes sets the standards for a new era in relaxing uptempo electronic music (Outburn Magazine)."

Stokes lives in Oakland California and is finishing up his next solo CD titled Fields, which will bring together close to 3 years of intense song writing and hand forged instrument design. Fields will be released on Berkeley California’s Binary label in the fall of 2005.
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