Satumnaisuus : Henry Vistabacka / Finland
Number of releases : 1
Satumnaisuus equals Henry Vistbacka from Fünland. A humble attempt to depict the overwhelming beauty, horror, blandness and lovely absurdity of everyday human life and/or the omniverse(s), the multipolar soundscapes include (but are probably not restricted to) surreal downtempo with a roughness, polymorphous fooltrance, something sounding like a malformed video game tune and random horseloads of untelligent dance music in various tempos to sit down or spasm around to.

Henry has been smudging sonic liquid both organic and electronic since can't really remember when. His other dabblings include the electrified word music of Taiunta, the frantic folk hymns of Härmälän Mimosa ja Vihamielinen Pekka Nummi, the droning a cappella noise of Ihmineläin and the rough transcendence of Gooswap.

Interdimensional Reversion Engine is the second Satumnaisuus release. If the debut album Kaleidoskopedelia was mostly a bit more relaxed exploration of what it means to be a curious monkey wired on acid blessed with the magic of electricity, then this might be called music for the hyperactive generations; the sound of angel paralympics; aural pressure that will aggressively clean up your cavities; hysteria nearly uncontrollable and gentlecore gentler than ever. And more, and less.

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