Opaeq : Maurizio Giambrone / UK
Number of releases : 1
1983: Received Casio VL-1 for christmas.

1986: Saved up, bought two second-hand synths, a Jen SX100, a Sequential Circuits Pro-One and played in a couple of bands with school friends.

1990: Upgraded setup to include a Roland DX 10, Yamaha YS200, Roland MKS-50 rack module, Alesis SR-16 Drum Machine, Yamaha QX5 Sequencer, Akai S1000 Sampler and played/programmed Depeche Mode/Erasure type music in a couple of synth duos. Also created Rave-style dance music in the style of Urban Hype, Love Decade, N-Joi, 808 State etc ..

1996: Musically inactive.

2001: Sold all hardware music gear.

2006: Bought some music software. Adopted alias: 'Abyssal Plains'. Released Chimera EP on kahvi.

2007: Released Hemispherical Sky EP on kahvi.

2008: Released Pictures in Sound EP on kahvi. Played Netaudio 2008 festival at the Shunt Vaults, London.

2009: Self-released Fourth Quadrant of the Mandala album, along with a four-track taster EP on kahvi.

2014: Changed name to 'opaeq'. Self-released EP Fey. Released HAARP EP, a collaboration with Lunarblues on kahvi.
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