Ohmniscience : Ashley Myers / Canada
Number of releases : 1
Ashley Myers is a sound artist from British Columbia who goes under the producer name Ohmniscience, meaning universal or infinite knowledge. Growing up in the Calgary rave scene, she moved to Vancouver looking for more opportunity and inspiration for unique tunes.

Graduating from Harbourside Institute of Technology at the age of 19, Ashley specializes in combining complex glitch drum rhythms and ambient tones, with the concept of binaural beats making for a rich hybrid. This not only brings about listening experience, but also a meditative one.

Described as "a massage for your brain", her first Brainwaves EP completed in 2013 will take you through all the frequencies of the psyche, bringing people together through music, science, and spirituality. The vibes created throughout her journey have high intentions to convey music as an art form, and for this art to bring about a community for likeminded artists.
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