moroza_knozova : Georgiy Stefanov / Russia
Number of releases : 1
The moroza_knozova project is one of the most impressive discoveries in Russian electronic music. The brain and the leader of the project is Georgiy Stefanov, a graduate of Moscow Conservatory, and an extremely active character. Apart from working on his electronic project, he plays the piano, performs and records classical music. He also supervises various events at the National Center for Contemporary Arts, the venue of regular get-togethers of the entire Russian electronic elite, as well as visiting artists, such as Secede, Kettel. Esem, and Funckarma.

moroza_knozova’s music is typical "electronic music of the early 21 century". It is complicated, intensive, and at times almost bordering on sound design. But the offensive amount of the percussions suddenly gives way to the gentle strings, ambient soundscapes and even a distinct bass line. At present moroza_knozova boasts a number of net-releases, including EPs on the Bump Foot Japanese label and the Electrosound Moscow label. Georgiy does not care for fancy but senseless terminology, he determines his genre as IDM and admires Sergei Rachmaninov, Oliviere Messiahn, Radiohead, Autechre, Meshuggah, and Boards of Canada.

As for playing live, Stefanov makes it a point not to appear on stage too often.. He wants every concert to be unique. Today he may cleverly operate synthesizers, rhythm machines and effect boxes single-handed (naturally, changing the setup before every concert), and tomorrow play mashups with Framewatcher or Sleepy Town Manufacture. Of late he has been actively participating in art-projects, which include installations with artists L.Tishkov, V.Yefimov and A.Suzdalev in Moscow, St.Petersburg and Nizhniy Novgorod. He has also written music score for the work of V.Yefimov and S. Denisov "The Qualities of Water" displayed at the “Expo 2008” international exhibition in Saragosa, Spain.
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