Moodix : Kiril Dobrev / Bulgaria
Number of releases : 1
MOODIX started playing music back in 1993. This artist is well known in the electronic circles in Bulgaria. The real person behind the alias Moodix is Kiril Dobrev. After the piano lessons he found out the trackers. Afterwards he started dealing with danceable electronics, inspired by the Detroit musicians. His first releases he promoted alone in his own site and other online portals promoting authors electronic music. He also moved through many alias such as 2rg, carl dub, origami blues, trumik, cyril lobien and most finally - moodix.

During the time the sound of Moodix is passing through a significant metamorphosis and it is getting more and more experimental and melodious sound, influenced by the creative work of artists like Plaid, Uwe Schmidt, Kettel and etc. In 2002 he took part in the formation of IDM scene in Varna, Bulgaria with his participations in Kokaku compilations of Jisatsuken.

In 2008 he participated in the biggest festival for experimental and ambient music in Bulgaria Artmospheric, as well as on the local live and DJ performances, taking places in the underground clubs in Varna.

With incostant intensity he keeps developing his typical deep, groovy and warm sound.
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