Mataya : Matiya Tonkovic / Croatia
Number of releases : 1
His real name is Matija Tonkovic. He has lived a good life so far here in Croatia, full of laughter, tears, love and passions, friends and joy.

He went to school for couple of years and sometimes worked as a DJ, playing mostly deeper derivates of house music.

He owned a little white box called PII 233mhz and realized that even that machine could produce some kind of sound and if he puts a lot of effort in it maybe it would sound like something he liked.

Learning and having fun while experimenting with all sorts of sound producing toys made him forget about real world and he soon became crazy. One day he realized that when he makes music he's really not the same person. On that day Mataya became the name that's behind all his musical discoveries. He kept on expanding his understanding in music creation. Always trying to sound interesting and musical, scary but merry, like one feels when watching Tom and Jerry.

There were a few people in his life that peeked in his dreams and tried to help him making it true. Part of his music has been released on a couple of different labels so other people around the world had a chance to hear what hes saying.

Mataya is saying nothing really...he's trying to spread a Virus of drifting eye looks and colour the people's mind so that they can start painting a new world.
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