Lunarblues : Lunarblues / UK
Number of releases : 1
Born in Bury, north manchester / england 1972

Professional early - mid 1980's raleigh sponsored Bmx racer and amateur freestyler who listened to electronic based music.

Began attending illegal indoor / outdoor raves in the late 80's and started dj'ing pirate radio's in greater manchester ( Ambient fm - Soul nation - Ibc ) in the early 90's playing early rave / breakbeat techno / jungle.

Joined Kiss Fm in 1996-1998 and then Galaxy 1998-2000 as one part of a trio named Ambient alliance as a Dj alongside childhood friend Djh and live vocalist Jerome mainly playing the deeper side drum & bass ie: Progressive / Ambient / Soul / jazz / Dark & Tech step.

2000+ took a break from music for six years and then began to explore sub 100 bpm tempo's .

Began to experiment in 2006 using minimalist break's and atmospheres with 70's style arpeggios after being Inspired by the massive advances in vst

2011 released the unsigned debut album titled Out of time.
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