Jobe : Jori TJ Kemppi / Finland
Number of releases : 1
Heard Dune/Orange and Black Cascade and learned to appreciate disjointed rhythms and distortion. Heard Einstürzende Neubauten and Current 93 and learned to appreciate continuous themes and extramusical expression.

Also, saw David Lynch, David Cronenberg and Terry Gilliam, absorbing ideas for themes. Heard Godspeed You Black Emperor! and learned to appreciate the repeated theme, driven slowly but with determination to startling momentum.

Probably got something from, among other artists, Autechre, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Nurse With Wound, and Angelo Badalamenti somewhere along the way as well.

As a result, from a music maker's point of view, lost most interest in the more dance-oriented and genre-centered areas of electronic music and rather became interested in trying to convey visions or ideas instead of strictly defined and categorized musical concepts.
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