Introspective : Jeremy Rice / USA
Number of releases : 6
Introspective was the working title of Jeremy Rice, who released music as far back as 1992. Under the Introspective name, Jeremy focused on ambient music, using a wide range of equipment ranging from hardware synths to soft-synths, to trackers and even direct manipulation of the raw audio in sample-editors.

Introspective's influences were Tangerine Dream, The Orb, Amorphous Androgynous, Boards of Canada, Esem, the artists of the Hypnos label, and close relationships with other ambient artists such as The Circular Ruins.

In 2007, Introspective's studio was broken into and all of his equipment stolen. As a result, he released his final Kahvi album using a sound-check CD that was still in his car and a borrowed machine from a co-worker.
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