Frederik Behr : Frederik Behr / Germany
Number of releases : 1
Frederik Behr from Darmstadt (Germany) is a musician, producer and artist who started producing Trance and Techno-Tracks in the late 90's.Working with a DJ resulted in the Project "The Butterflies" and some others.

After that the Sound were more influenced by 80's Pop Music like "Divine" or Donna Summer. In 2003, for the first time as Fred Fat, his remix "Loveman" appeared on the Label "Low Spirit". But over the years he dicided to compose more progressive and by ambient sounds influenced tracks. Some were released 2008 on "Motor".

Because of playing the piano since he was 5 years old, Sample and Loop based Dance Music couldn't be the only way. So he decided to compose more Ambient and Minimal pieces. Inspired by classical composers like Chopin/Debussy and Electronic Heros like Aphex Twin and Brian ENO, he wants to create Ambient sound images that always represent specific scenes or situations.
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