Casimirs Blake : Chris Wigman / UK
Number of releases : 2
Casimir's Blake is one Chris Wigman, hailing from Hampshire in the United Kingdom.

Born in 1981, with a love of music brewing from an early age - and distilling the melodic sounds of major influences such as The Shamen, Model 500 and The Future Sound Of London - he began to experiment with trackers in the mid-to-late nineties.

One lone EP release on Chill Productions emerged in 2001, but otherwise, his creations would remain floating with his inspirations, far in the Berenices.

Real life would intrude on many attempts to release, but in the mean time Chris has honed and crafted his sounds and melodies.

Finally, with many deep space explorations buried into his flight recorder, he unleashes Casimir Corona. A concept album epic in scope and execution. Four long pieces, evoking travels through Melotte and Virgo. You're invited to enjoy a taste of Casimir's journey from the Coma Quasar!
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